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To serve as an authoritative voice for consumers and management professionals in bed bug education and removal. Our goals include mass bed bug education, global public awareness and to improve quality of life of bed bug victims.

“Early Detection is Everything and Education gets you There!”

D Donovan

Our Dedication 2009 – 2018

Bed bugs continue to spread worldwide. As their presence continues to rise, consumer demands have also greatly risen. Our dedicated industry leadership provides services to bed bug victims worldwide. Whether you’re in need for a service professional or you want to do-it-yourself, we are here for you.


Network Of Highly Qualified Professionals

Our teams represent the most talented and experienced experts in the world!

Service Providers – experienced experts in the elimination of bed bugs.

They’re advanced training and overall interest in customer service separates them from most others. Equally, these professionals are trustworthy and caring.

Rental Providers – affordable bed bug heat equipment rentals.

Getting rid of bed bugs is as easy as pushing in the plugs. Through our network of professional licensed pest control companies, we also offer add on services such as K-9 Bed Bug inspections and residual chemical applications to be performed before and or after you rent.

Canine Inspection Teams – represent some of the best trained K-9 teams in the industry.

They are a valuable part in targeting bed bugs hiding places and proofing elimination post treatment.

Canine Certification Team – to serve any canine team across the United States.


Certified Product Platform 

The most crucial component for keeping infestations from growing, is knowing what does and doesn’t work. Our certified product platform provides smart solutions for every stage of the bed bug remediation process. We take the guess work out of it by carefully testing for effectiveness so you don’t waste your money on products that don’t work.


Layered Defense Strategy

This platform is now embraced throughout the world. Our Layered Defense Strategy provides you with a 3-step process; Educate, Evaluate and Initiate. We help you initiate a plan of action for the proper elimination. Don’t suffer with bed bug infestations by making uneducated guesses to kill bed bugs. Knowing what doesn’t work and what does, will help you eliminate this problem.