Welcome Cochnower Pest Control the “Careful Solutions” Company to IBBRA!

CochnowerLogoG+The IBBRA and its members are privileged to welcome Cochnower Pest Control as a Founding Member on our team!

In order to support sustainable communities one must provide access to high quality, safe and affordable solutions for the environments in which they live. Since 1943, through participatory leadership and focused project planning, Cochnower Pest Control has been the source for reliable pest control services and superior extermination expertise.

What enthralled me about this company was their family approach and laser focus on being an all-inclusive pest management resource for their whole community. The Cochnower philosophy involves educating their clients about different species of pests and if needed in low-income or financially strained situations even teaching do-it-yourself treatments.

The client always comes first with Cochnower and they even assist in pest identification FREE! More than just a pest control company, they are a reliable resource for everything related to managing pests inside and out of both residents and businesses.

Their retail store staff always keeps up to date on the latest treatments and techniques in the industry making it a goal to keep clients informed about pest problems and all available solutions. If a client is dealing with a serious infestation, they go to the client’s home and walk them through the process so they fully understand what to expect.

“Pest Control” is for when Pests are “Out of Control”

They believe that “pest control” is for when pests are “out of control” and if a client has a slight problem, their retail location features a variety of DIY treatment options you can buy to tackle minor problems yourself. (In addition, they will teach you how to use it correctly).

No matter what pest, pantry, seasonal or hitchhiking insects like fleas, cockroaches or bed bugs, Cochnower is always there to protect residents from sleepless nights. Their Healthy Home Maintenance Plan treats residential homes every three months against seasonal pests that guarantee a pest-free home throughout the year. If activity occurs between paid visits, Cochnower Pest Control will come out and deal with the problem at no extra charge.

Businesses are at risk of losing potential business when pests should find their way into their buildings and infiltrate areas where clients occupy. Cochnower helps to protect from Bugs Ruining Your Bottom Line. Cochnower developed an all-inclusive program with regularly scheduled inspections to insure pest will be a “thing of the past” quickly and efficiently.

  • Hotels • Retail spots • Restaurants • Office spaces • Hospitals • Government buildings • Jails               • Gas stations • Apartment complexes • Schools • Food plants • AIB factories • Warehouses

The “Careful Solution” Company

One of the most common problems anyone can have is the destruction of their home or business by those forever-eating insects called Termites. Cochnower Pest Control offers two different solutions to get rid of these pests.

Sentricon Colony Elimination System for both their residential and commercial customers is popular because it is the only green solution granted the Presidential Green Chemistry Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Cochnower Pest Control is one of the few authorized operators in the area to offer this completely green termite solution.

No “cookie cutter plan” for clients ever! They create a “Personal Pest Plan” (PPP) based on client’s personal needs and budget making your pest control plan unique to you and your company’s needs.

Like the standards and qualifications of IBBRA members, few companies qualify and receive the Mark of Excellence from QualityPro, and must meet strict requirements for good business practices and standards. Out of approximately 23,988 US nationwide pest control companies, fewer than five hundred companies qualify for this prestigious mark. These certified companies are committed to providing pest management that is least-risk to people, property, and the environment.

Cochnower Pest Control is a GreenPro-certified company that cares by providing pest management that is least-risk to people, property, and the environment and follows these principles:

  • Habitat modification, exclusion, removal of food and water sources, sanitation, and repairs
  • Provides documentation from inspection, elimination, monitoring, as well as follow-up to ensure efficacy
  • Communicate regularly with clients about pest infestations, favorable conditions, and ways to prevent pests
  • Requiring GreenPro training for all company employees who sell or perform GreenPro service

Cochnower has an A+ BBB rating, and since 2009 is a six-year A+ veteran on Angie’s List

Welcome the excellence of Cochnower to serve you or your business!

Indiana: Tippecanoe, White, Clinton, Carroll

765-447-7502 http://cochnowerpestcontrol.com/

Here we Grow Again! IBBRA Welcomes Burr Pest Control to the Team!

Burr G+The IBBRA and its members would like to extend a warm welcome to Burr Pest Control!

There is something comforting in the words “longevity and original”. From good to great, this company was built to last! Serving clients for nearly eight decades, Burr Pest Control’s time-honored household name conveys a badge of trust since 1937.

Burr is proud to be celebrating their 79th Anniversary in business this year!

Regarded as the first and oldest pest control family in the United States, Rose Pest Solutions (via the Dold family) purchased Burr Pest Control (also called Burr Chemical Company) from the originator Mr. Burr during the seventies. Indigenous from the start, this maverick company maintains the Dold family reputation with the highest standards, values and integrity.

The company’s image depicts a familiar face that grandparents, parents and todays modern families can trust for any pest problem. I was immediately impressed with how easy it was to navigate their web site and choose from simple residential pest problems to full-scale commercial building fumigations.

Over the years, they’ve gone on to purchase a number of additional companies like Freeport Pest Control, Burns Pest Control, Beloit Pest Control, Caraway Pest Control, A Better Choice Trapper, Integrity Pest Control and Cage-n-Go.

With such a large portfolio, they still manage to provide some of the best services for their clients by making life even simpler through their long list of professional services. Here is just a peek of what they offer:

Providing Peace of Mind

Throughout the year, all our homes experience “seasonal pest activity” in which the impact of Burr’s Healthy Home Maintenance Plans includes an array of year-round pest protection. They have Basic, Gold or Platinum packages. With this in place, if pest activity pops up in between services for the pests covered, they come back at no charge to their clients!

Do-it-Yourself Help

Their sense of community goes beyond just being a service provider and understands the needs of some clients doing their own (DIY) Pest Control. Whether it is time restraints, dwelling occupant restrictions, lack of finances or just plain do-it-yourself passion, Burr will help you understand the pests’ nature, what product to use and the best way to use it. They have their own retail shop that provides the most excellent products for the job!

Never say … that nothing in Life is FREE around Burr!

  • If you should ever find bugs, you are unable to identify, you can bring it into Burr and they will identify it for you for no cost! You can even post a pic on their Facebook page and they will get right back with you!
  • They offer FREE Quotes and you will never feel pressured into signing a contract, the option is always up to you!
  • Enhancing the long list of professional services is a customer login portal where you can keep track of your account, be in control of scheduling or change your services with a simple click of a button.

Secure Commercial Property Protection

A small pest problem can become big trouble, hurt businesses, and damage an establishment’s reputation. Creating a proactive threshold and regular inspections greatly reduces any nightmare for any kind of business or commercial enterprise. Their team of experts protects restaurants, parks, apartment buildings, offices, factories, manufacturing facilities, hotels, schools, hospitals, food-processing facilities, and so much more with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods and partnership.

Bed Bugs

Since bed bugs have penetrated many homes, businesses and lives, Burr is a leader in complete elimination of this hated pest. To soothe the physical and emotional distress that normally accompanies bed bugs, your questions will always be addressed before treatment commences. Their services include a dedicated page for bed bugs, a consultation to answer any personal question a client may have and, a before treatment preparation sheet located on their web site so their clients can be fully organized before treatment day.

Providing Support Tools

They provide a line of Do-It-Yourself products in their retail store, the latest seasonal pest newsletter and for the kids they can read fun facts and get involved in bug activities in their Kid’s Corner!

A Caring Heart

At the core of every service and business model has to be a caring heart. From your first call, to the post treatment call, you can hear the smile on the face that answers the phone. Rest assured that your problem becomes their problem and they will be there with genuine care until your problem is gone.

From a variety of ants to termites and nuisance wildlife removal, regardless of what pest or vermin you are dealing with, Burr Pest Control is there for you. For over a decade, Burr has earned the recognition mark of Excellence as a QualityPro Company. Servicing Illinois: Carroll, Jo-Daviess, Stephenson, Winnebago, Boone, DeKalb, Ogle, Lee and Wisconsin: Lafayette, Green, Rock, And Walworth

Welcome to the IBBRA Team!

Burr Pest Control   http://burrpestcontrol.com/ 815-397-2373

IBBRA Welcomes Kentucky Termite & Pest Control

KentuckyLogoWelcome aboard Kentucky Termite and Pest Control, we are proud to have you as part of the team!

The IBBRA is all about likeminded individuals and companies that provide a sign of hope and vital resources for people affected by bed bugs. They must offer confidential, one-on-one support to each of their clients, an experienced advocate to speak to, a sympathetic and understanding ear, compassionate caring heart, essential education, and direct communication options to a skilled professional for immediate relief. After an extensive background check, our growing database offers these technically sound and experienced bed bug elimination service companies, bed bug detection service providers and product resources to all.

Today, we would like to extend a warm welcome and are proud to add Kentucky Termite & Pest Control to provide these critical services to many.


Reputation Matters

The state of Kentucky’s Motto is “United we stand, divided we fall”. It is the quality of this team’ players that make them stand united and make them so diverse. Kentucky Termite & Pest Controls reputation is that of one of the most reliable and trustworthy pest management companies that reinforce our commitment to provide the most thorough and trustworthy pest management solutions to victims of bed bugs and other pests.

Founded in 1938, Kentucky Termite and Pest Controls tenure and longevity has been providing pest management solutions and sustainable approach principles for a little shy of a full century. Almost, one hundred years! I don’t know about you, but that’s a long time dealing with pests and their clients can rest assured that the benefits of having these many years of experience, that their control issues are quickly and effectively eliminated.

Considered as one of the Top Stratum Companies in the nation, Kentucky Termite and Pest Control accolades include:

Your Home is Your Castle

Each owner, management, staff, employee and technician has a place they too call their castle/home so they understand the importance of keeping your sanctuary safe. To them “your home is your castle” and the people at Kentucky Termite and Pest Control have great respect for their clients’ homes as they do their own by providing a yearlong pest-free environment. After identification of the pest at question, discussing the different treatment options, your FREE QUOTE, they offer a plan that fits each of their clients’ needs and budget. Not just on the inside but offers both exterior and interior treatment options and if any activity occurs between routine visits they come back out to handle the problem at no charge. What can be better than that!


Sanitation and being up to code is important in any business environment and since 1938; they have helped business owners enjoy pest-free facilities thanks to their comprehensive pest control solutions. You are never charged you for services you do not need. They always fit the needs of your business.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the new “buzz” pests that are taking over whole buildings and communities. Kentucky Termite and Pest Control has years of experience implementing bed bug solutions for residents, apartment complexes and businesses. They understand what causes them, how they breed, thrive and spread, where they hide, and most importantly, how to build a strategy to eliminate them quickly and efficiently from homes and businesses and protect against future infestations. If you think that you might have a bed bug problem, do not try to tackle it on your own.

Reach out, welcome them aboard and call the professionals at Kentucky Termite and Pest Control www.kentuckytermite.com at 502-448-8040!

Areas serviced Kentucky: Jefferson, Oldham, Bullet, and Shelby Indiana: Floyd, Scott, Clark, Crawford, and Harrison


IBBRA Welcomes Complete Bed Bug Control – While They Turn Up the Heat on Bed Bugs

Screenshot_2015-08-31-15-40-38Minnesota may have bitter winters but that doesn’t mean bed bugs are not flourishing there too. I remember when I had my first conversation with Luke; I commented, “Buggert” what a perfect name to be in the “bug” business! Thank goodness, he has a great sense of humor. :o)

Luke began his career in pest control in 2004 working for others with immense fascination, great loyalty and passion for the industry. When learning about the bed bugs resurgence, his appetite to become an expert and his deep concerns for victims quickly grew from eliminating bats and bees, to developing a true passion for educating and eliminating bed bugs.

As Luke’s family grew, his family needs also grew. He had always dreamed of and insists he was born to be an entrepreneur so in spring of 2014 he became co-owner of Complete Ground Control, a full service Pest and Lawn Control Company with a reputation backed by a solid 100% Satisfaction Guaranty. Always prompt, friendly and courteous, they stand behind their services and if for any reason their client is not happy, they schedule a follow up at no charge. Their focus is to have complete unmatched satisfaction.

With his insight and avid need to know, over the years he familiarized himself intimately with everything available on bed bugs and studied bed bugs biology and behavior patterns night and day.

While performing treatments Luke’s biggest, concern was to attain the best solution to serve each of his client’s environments and life styles. He noted that the longer people had bed bugs the harder it was for them emotionally and the more bed bugs spread. People wanted the bugs effectively eliminated fast.

He continued by opening Complete Bed Bug Control, utilizing heat remediation to combat the dreaded insect with astounding success. Complete Bed Bug Control is passionate about education. They offer private training for owners, managers and staff of apartment complexes, universities, hotels, healthcare facilities and businesses. They also have tenant and resident training!

How They Turn Up the Heat!

Because of the shame and stigma that bed bugs bring to some, to protect his client’s privacy, they arrive in an unmarked vehicle. Once the equipment is set up in the affected area, they control and monitor it remotely. Beginning by circulating 110° air in the affected areas to encourage the bed bugs to leave their colonies, they vacuum up any exposed bed bugs.

After vacuuming the exposed bugs, the temperature is elevated to 135°, fifteen degrees higher than needed to kill the bed bugs. The circulating hot air penetrates the floors, baseboards, ceilings, as well as any furniture and other items in the area, killing eggs and any remaining bed bugs.

Each step of the process is precisely monitored. When the job is complete, a detailed report specifying temperature reached and length of time provides confirmation of correct heat treatment performance.

Seeing the lack of essential, yet basic educational needs of bed bug victims, he makes providing bed bug knowledge a top priority for all his clients. Having the same philosophies as IBBRA to provide essential and easy to understand bed bug education is a great fit, and we look forward to working with Complete Bed Bug Control in the battle against bed bugs!

Luke is a proud father of his own little “bugs”, Loren 12 years old, and his littlest bug, Maddi 2 years old.

Welcome aboard Complete Bed Bug Control and thank you Luke for standing behind your vision and ours!

Serving Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota Call 320-808-6666


IBBRA Welcomes “Death by Heat”, Bed Bug Authority Canada

BBAC_Logo_rev[1]Bed bugs don’t stand a chance with our new IBBRA Founding Member, Bed Bug Authority Canada, as they offer “No Empty Promises, No gimmicks, just Solutions with Results”.

Tony spent his childhood on the family farm in Ireland where he learned hands on, what hard work and determination is. As a young man in his twenties with dreams and aspirations, he immigrated to Canada in the summer of 1988.

Without delay, he advanced in his chosen career as a mechanical engineering technician in the manufacturing industry. His natural abilities and insatiable appetite for learning quickly facilitated a promotion as a field service engineer. He traveled throughout Southern Ontario, Eastern Canada and the USA. He serviced large multi-national companies such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Boeing, and McDonald Douglas amongst others.

In 2004 the economy back in Ireland, improved and was now running at full steam. Without close examination and according to all the “hype”, it seemed to be very healthy. He was offered a directorship with an equipment rental company related to the construction industry and who’s current owners were looking to expand from London UK into Dublin Ireland. Convinced by the projection of great returns, he sold his home and possessions, and headed back to Ireland.

By 2008, the company he worked for collapsed along with the catastrophic failure of Ireland’s national economy. With the loss of investment and time wasted, he and his wife made the decision to leave the now depressed economy of Ireland and head back to Canada.

He secured a position as a field service engineer with another company. The standard of jobs in the manufacturing industry at this point left a lot to be desired. Long hours, much travel, comparatively lower salary, time away from home, overnight stays in sub-standard hotels and living on fast food while keeping on the go.

They soon purchased a home in Oakville to accommodate their growing family. In a matter of weeks, his wife started to show itchy red welts all over her body. First off, like many others they thought it was from mosquitoes since the house backed onto a ravine, but a friend mentioned bed bugs and maybe they should search for them.

Armed with a flashlight, and the tenacity of a bull, his wife planned and set out to ambush these stealthy creatures in the wee hours of the night. On doing so, she quickly established the fact that they moved into a home furnished with bed bugs.

Like anyone discovering bed bugs for the first time, they now had to start learning about bed bugs and more importantly, learn how to get rid of them safely without hurting their two young children or home. After many hours of research they came to the conclusion that the choice remedy to solve their problem most effectively was going to be “death by heat”.

Through consultations, assessments and quotes from many pest control companies they decided upon a contractor who used heat and could provide a final solution, clear the bed bugs. Because of the extent of the infestation, the treatment required two visits, but they were able to put the experience behind them and embrace peace of mind without bed bugs once again.

“Necessity” Is the Mother of Invention

They remembered during the treatment, the contractor expressed how busy he was and he was exploring a partnership and expansion. They interpreted this as an opportunity and were motivated to start a business of their own.

Now understanding the economics of bed bugs and having experienced them firsthand to a large degree, Tony and his wife continued their study by taking courses, reading research documents, attending conventions, seminars and anything they could get their hands on about bed bugs in the industry. They soon discovered that bed bugs were going to play a predominate role into the next century and wanted to help educate others on awareness and prevention and to solve problems for those inflicted fast, safely and efficiently.

I admire both Tony and his wife for their forward thinking, caring hearts and for becoming one of the most sought after bed bug elimination specialists in the greater Toronto and Southern Ontario area.

Using the bases of the “Green Tech Heat Solutions” methods and equipment, Bed Bug Authority’s motto is No Empty Promises, No Gimmicks; Just Solutions with Results.

Take a moment and welcome the Mannix family aboard!

www.bedbugauthoritycanada.ca (416) 951-0383

IBBRA Welcomes ADVANCED DETECTION Services of Lynwood, Illinois to the Team!

Advanced Detection LogoWe are proud to introduce and welcome aboard, Advanced Detection Services as another resource for both bed bug victim callers and to our team of members!

Since 2008, Advanced Detection has a reputation for providing some of the finest canine scent detection dogs and training in the Mid-west for tracking, explosives, drugs, and police protection. The company originated in the Biohazard/Crime Scene industry but with the bed bug resurgence, quickly propelled into the Bed Bug Scene to provide well-needed help.

I became interested in Advanced Detection Services when one of our Founding Members brought his new bed bug dog to visit me in our hometown. Zima, now owned by Randy from All Starr Pest, received her training and worked with professional handlers at Advanced Detection Services. You may have read my previous post, I was instantly impressed with her demeanor. From the moment she (Zima) and Randy walked in my door, I noticed her behavior was exquisite compared to many bed bug detections dogs I have seen. She had manners on top of being a great bed bug detection dog! I instantly needed to find out who trained her.

When interviewing with Elad in-house trainer of Advanced Detection Services, I inquired about their background with carefully thought out questions emphasizing on integrity and thoroughness of their training modules for both dogs and handlers. Their in-house dog trainer/support staff has extensive experience and ongoing education for training canines in many different areas of handling, scent detection, and articulated the importance of obedience and kennel management. They focus on working with new handlers beyond just basic training in order to keep both handler and canine’s skills sharp and teams working together at the highest level possible.

Transitioning Into Training Dogs for Bed Bug Detection

Underscoring the severity of bed bugs in multi-family housing combined with the lack of successful treatments and elimination, they were asked to assist and come up with an inspection and treatment modality. They immediately accepted this challenge. It quickly became a reality that there had to be a better way to inspect for bed bugs. Since they were already utilizing K-9s to assist in their biohazard division in the form of cadaver dogs, they explored the idea of utilizing dogs to find bed bugs.

They became the first company in Chicago to initialize Third Party Certified K-9 teams to detect bed bugs. By 2014, they had an expanded K-9 program and launched Paw Palace in Lynwood, Illinois, a “state of the art” dog training, boarding, grooming, and daycare facility situated on 20 acres of property. The impressive facility can house 60+ dogs of any breed and has Regular Indoor/Outdoor Kennels and Luxury Suites depending on every customer’s needs and desires.

With an unparalleled training staff they are proud of, they specialize in scent detection that includes explosives, narcotics, bed bugs, cash and weapons. They train single or dual purpose K-9s. All training includes behavior modification, in-kennel/boot camp training and basic/advanced obedience training.

In 2015, thrust into yet another unfamiliar dog arena!

It doesn’t get any better than this folks! They were experiencing situations where people would surrender dogs because the families were facing medical crisis, deaths, financial issues or extenuating circumstances, where they are unable to remain in their homes with their owners. The need for a solution was so great that they formulated a non-profit/no-kill organization named 4 Paw Sake Rescue which is a group of volunteer (no paid employees) dog lovers whose mission is to rescue, provide sanctuary, and ultimately to re-home abandoned, stray and neglected dogs. All dogs are housed in foster homes where they are provided with an enormous amount of love and any medical attention that may be required to ensure that they are in good health before adoption. They are all spayed/neutered and brought up-to-date on vaccines before placement in their forever homes. They are evaluated for temperament and personality that helps in placing them in homes that are well suited to their needs and to the needs of their future owners. To date, they have placed over 30 dogs and 2 bunnies in a new “forever” home. The rescue is a lot of work! However, they have been given the opportunity to save many dogs lives as well as help people find there life companions.

Not Just Trainers – Early Detectors

Early detection can dramatically lower the cost of eliminating a bed bug infestation and a good bed bug scent detection team can help. High accuracy, speed, and the ability to search difficult areas make scent-detecting canines the most valuable tool in the fight against bed bugs

Because canines are extremely accurate in identifying bed bug infestations, Advanced Detection inspects over 25,000 residences and 1.5 million square feet of commercial office space each year in and around Chicago using professionally trained canine teams to detect the scent of live bed bugs and viable eggs. Not only are canine inspections far more accurate, they are much faster than human inspections. Canines can detect bed bugs in cracks, crevices, behind walls, and many other areas that humans simply cannot search effectively.

Advanced Detection follows the NPMA Best Management Practices (Appendix A) minimum standards for all bed bug scent detection certification and utilizes an independent third party master trainer to certify our teams as well as the k-9′s that we sell to other companies. All Dogs have had X-rays. (Hips & elbows)

Reach out and send them a big welcome!

Elad Bachar

Head Trainer

K-9 Advanced Detection, a division of Paw Palace

Mark (708) 541 5965 msobczak@pawpalace.com


Mobile: 773-322-2610

Office: 855-729-7252


IBBRA is Proud to Introduce Our New Team Player, Rose Pest Solutions!

Rose for G+Welcome aboard Rose Pest Solutions!

It’s always exciting when we bring on a new team player. Throughout the years, we carefully search for those that not only embrace the IBBRA mission and vision, but already live by it and that is what we’ve found with Rose Pest Solutions.

We are always seeking for team players that show reliability, trust, integrity, follow-through and strong moral and business principles. With the horrible emotional and financial infliction bed bugs have on people, a priority is finding those who truly care for their clients and treat families and their homes as if they were their own.

Time-honored for being the “forefathers of pest control”, Solomon Rose founded Rose Rat Exterminator Company in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1860, which makes them the longest-running pest control company in the history of the United States.

Consistency is the background of which Rose Pest Solutions built their reputation. The Dold family goal remains the same today as it was for Solomon Rose over 155 years ago: to maintain the highest standards of integrity while providing every customer with peace of mind.

The professional influence and trusted name of Rose now reaches into several major cities across the United States. With a dedicated staff with very little employee turnover, (which says a lot for their stable foundation), their trusted family name lures customers who remain as loyal as they are to them.

Pest Industry Leadership

An early industry pioneer, C. Norman Dold, was a founding member of the National Pest Control Association now National Pest Management Association (NPMA), and served as the third President of the organization while focusing on implementing standards and education for pest control companies throughout our country.

Robert Dold, following the example of his father, carried this leadership example while managing Rose’s Chicago branch. Robert went on to become president of both the Illinois and Indiana Pest Control Associations, receiving many awards for his contributions to the industry and participated in planning the Purdue Conference.

Robert’s beautiful wife Judy became the NPMA’s second woman president in 2001, and honors requests to speak worldwide on behalf of the association and its programs. As a wife, mother, and grandmother, Judy Dold strongly believes families and homes are top priorities.

Honoring the pest management industry’s trailblazers, The Pest Management Professional Hall of Fame was established in 1997 to recognize and thank those who have led the pest management industry to new heights. Bob and Judy were both inducted in PMP’s Hall of Fame in 2002.

Both Robert and Judy give freely of their time, knowledge and financial resources and are a shining example of their family motto: Integrity determines your identity.

Rose Pest Solutions admirable history of service and high levels of leadership clearly demonstrates their commitment, passion and allegiance to their customers while always focusing on the importance of professionalism and ethics.

With an array of specialized services, Rose provides services that go beyond common pest control measures. By means of a strong GREEN foundation, each service consummates a well thought out design to eliminate pest problems at their root source using the least toxic means (heat, structural repair work, humane live trapping) and more.

Each of their customers gets Rose’s old-fashioned personalized approach for their unique situation. Equipped with an after hour answering service, Rose’s knowledgeable and trained professionals are always there for you no matter when your emergency should arise.

IBBRA’s biggest vision in leading our organization is building a strong, reliable team of likeminded caring people, and we couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our team as Rose Pest Solutions. We look forward in working together and building on both our strengths to help make a difference in many people’s lives.

Reach out, drop them a line, and welcome them to our team!



“Bed Bug Education will never be as expensive as Bed Bug Ignorance” Denise Donovan

Bed Bug Education will never be as expensive as Bed Bug IgnoranceApproaching 2016 Biggest Bed Bug Problem

This past year has been a small reminder of how bad the resurgence of bed bugs will be in the future years to come. The lack of policies and procedures, regular inspections, public awareness and education has greatly fueled the explosion.

The calls that have come through the IBBRA ‘s Bed Bug Hotline this January have exceeded last year’s calls for the same month by a whopping 80%!

Those who live in apartment communities have been suffering the most with finger pointing being on the top of the list. Pest control professionals have been struggling with a multitude of issues including, cultural and language differences, disabilities, handicaps, living styles and of course, affordability issues.

And let’s not forget the most important issue of all, shear bed bug ignorance of property owners and managements groups that only want the immediate problem solved and have not embraced regular inspections to keep “infestations” from building. They’d rather pay over and over again or attempt to charge their tenants instead of putting a program in place.

It doesn’t have to be that hard folks!

Let’s face it, becoming skilled at getting the clients to perform regular inspections to find bed bugs early and educating their tenants upfront has been one of the biggest setbacks for most. No one wants to spend a penny more than they have to, but in the end, they wind up spending ten times more.

Driving home the “facts” before you take on the job

The fact is – Bed bugs are here to stay and their repeated introductions and invasions in our lives will not mysteriously just go away. This reality should be the number one fact driven home by all pest professionals to their clients.

The success of eliminating and controlling future infestations does not rely on an in and out process for every time there is a complaint. It depends on complete cooperation from tenants, management and the professional completing the job. Bed bugs are going to happen repeatedly and will eventually run the kitty dry. Management has to be warned upfront that a single elimination process is not the way to address future bed bug issues!

Back to the future

Give them a peek of the future with a Be Aware – Not Scare IBBRA approach. Just like the movie “Back to the Future”, the highest-grossing film of 1985, we have to give them a peek of what will happen unless they do what is required to avoid future problems. We used to joke when someone didn’t “understand something” by knocking on our heads and saying “McFly” wake up.

It’s time to do some head knocking.

A Bold Move by Pest Control

Do you have the nerve to walk away from a job and insist that part of your service is regular inspections? Sure, they will call a competitor of yours to do the job and you will lose that revenue. The thing is that, after continued and repeated bed bugs, their pockets will be drained and they will still have the same problem. This leaves them wondering if they had gone with your services to begin with, if they’d be ahead of the program. It is then that you receive the call.

No one wants to turn down business, but if you can see a reoccurring problem that will make you look unsuccessful or strain your warranty with call backs, it might be the best thing to do.

I know of several professional bed bug professionals that refuse to do a job unless management abides by certain processes. They got tired of being called back to treat a single surrounding unit of the last unit they serviced because management didn’t want to check surrounding units. To them it was nothing but a vicious circle and a waste of their time.

What if all pest professionals took a strong stance on this by not servicing a client that won’t abide by a process that protects them against “infestations” in the future? These multi-unit management groups would be forced to do what is right and make the common sense IBBRA Layered Defense Strategy work for more.

It may be a gutsy move but your reputation builds and precedes others as the “go-to” for any bed bug issues.

When all else fails, call (YOU) – those people really know what they are doing when it comes to bed bugs!


We are here to help!

Suspected Bed Bug Chemical Resistance Finally Proven

BedbugcutoutThey are now calling it the “Rise of the Super Bug” because of their resistance to chemical pesticide treatments driving home the fact that sprays used to kill bed bugs are not effective. It’s been known for some time that there are different “strains” of bed bugs in which scientists just announced they have tested four different strains against some of the most widely used and powerful chemicals we have to kill them.

Declining performance and treatment failures have lead scientists to study the effects and find evidence of developed tolerance to neonicotinoids. Scientists believe the overuse has led to this increased resistance. These neonicotinoids includes ◦Acetamiprid ◦Clothianidin ◦Dinotefuran ◦Nitenpyram ◦Thiocloprid ◦Thiamethoxam and ◦Imidacloprid, which is the most widely used of all.

Neonicotinoids have been a controversial topic for bees in the news for years, but now with proof of elevated levels of detoxifying enzymes developing within the bed bug, things are changing. The study shows the marketing and advertising of these products efficacy doesn’t match up with the true effectiveness which becomes a waste of people’s money.

The study, published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, was the first to confirm the resistance.

Assistant professor Troy Anderson, from Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences said: ‘While we all want a powerful tool to fight bed bug infestations, what we are using as a chemical intervention is not working as effectively it was designed and, in turn, people are spending a lot of money on products that aren’t working”. 

New Mexico State University Assistant Professor, Dr. Alvaro Romero added: ‘If resistance is detected, products with different modes of action need to be considered, along with the use of non-chemical methods.

Benefits vs. Risks

As we know with the use of any medicine or chemical, that without unquestionable verification of 100% safe we should avoid overuse. Having a background in contract manufacturing, I’ve been part of several clinical studies. In no study ever have I found 100% (anything less than that is ambiguous). Clinical studies take the majority of benefits and often those who manufacture use only those figures to focus their advertising to increase sales. People often ignore risks because the benefits are much greater.

Humans have a peculiar way of reading the back of a supplement bottle that says, “Take two daily”. But when seeing the supposed benefits they “think”, I want that so, to them more is better and take 6! Little do they pay attention to the fact that this particular element can produce serious side effects when used outside the labels instructions.

Rethink Tank

We all need to start thinking outside the box. The days of seeing a bug, and using hammers to kill them is changing.

Rethinking our resources and the wasting of them is important for all. How many thousands of dollars are wasted daily on treatments that don’t work? How many see one or two bugs and treat whole facilities? Financially challenged and low income who hasn’t the resources to use professionals turn to store bought products made with these chemicals. Are they wasting the little money they have to begin with?

Perhaps those who lived many years ago when bed bugs were a common pest and used non-toxic approaches and modes of action to rid their lives of bed bugs knew what they were doing. Routine inspections, cleaning of clutter, regular vacuuming and vigilance by all may just be the answer. Spring cleaning on a regular basis!

Maybe this could be the reason for so many calls from people who paid for treatment and thought the bed bugs were gone but the bugs mysteriously returned.

Are they refusing to die or can we always blame it on reintroduction?

Scientists are urging pest control professionals to “rethink” their approach. Stay aware of resistance issues with neonicotinoids, consider using combinations of other pesticides and consider the use of more non-chemical modes of action.

We are always here to help!

“Bed Bug Education will NEVER be as Expensive as Bed Bug Ignorance”

D Donovan


International Bed Bug Resource Authority







New Year – New Name – New Look for Ohio’s Lakewood Plant and Pest!

Lakewood OH Exterminating logoPeople with passion, focus, vision and drive are always pushing the envelope and growing towards their goals; and that is exactly what Shawn Payne, owner of Lakewood Plant, and Pest is doing.

As a trained horticulturist and forward thinker, Shawn spent half his lifetime providing exceptional services to all his clients, but in 2014, his vision grew. With the increased invasion of bed bugs attacking his community, he recognized the need for an experienced and reliable bed bug professional. Although he expressed change can be a challenge; protecting his community where he, his family and friends live is of great importance to him.

Lakewood, Ohio is home to several thousand, high turnover-rental properties, which easily have become breeding grounds for bed bugs. “It’s easy for bed bugs to thrive and spread in these environments and I feel that after nearly a decade of pest management experience with NASA Glenn Research Center, and my affiliation with the International Bed Bug Resource Authority that I have a lot to offer the community,” said Shawn.

Never Underestimate the Power of Collaboration

The idea of creating community connections and providing valuable education is still at the forefront of Shawn’s minds to create a positive change. He added, “Bed bugs are a significant pest problem that requires educational outreach. To address this learning curve our recent collaboration with the IBBRA has provided the materials we need so we can focus on what we do best, eliminate! In the years to come, we aim to be major players in the cause to help remove bed bugs from our community”.

With a lot of hard work and an inspiration to many, Shawn will always be there for others to consult and guide when he is needed.

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