Lou Sorkin Shares: How Did all of These Bed Bugs Get Here?

Description: What are bed bugs and where did they come from? From size to habitat, life history to feeding style, appearance to life cycle details, and most importantly: what a bite looks like and how you know when you’ve got one, entomologist Lou Sorkin answers all of the bed bug questions you never knew you wanted to know.


Bed Bug Control and Prevention

Description: A great overview of Bed Bug Control and Prevention

Description: IBBRA Member films a bed bug job. Houston, Texas BugsRUS

Bed Bugs

Description: Don’t doze off just yet. Maybe they should be called bed blood bugs, an army of these can attack a person 500 times in one night!



Bed Bugs and Integrated Pest Management

Description: Learn bed bug biology and principles of integrated pest management. This short video introduces various aspects of bed bug biology and how to control them.



Animal Planet’s “Infested” Bed Bugs

Description: A short presentation on the bed bug infestation and the true story of a young family battling the epidemic. They couldn’t find peace until they used heat to kill the bed bugs.



Bed Bug Nightmare !! Bed Bug Control In Clearwater, Fl

Description: Just a disgusting video of thousands of bed bugs infested inside a home vacant only two days ago,



Heavy Bed Bug Infestation in a Single-family Home

Description: What happens if bed bugs are not treated? Watch this thrilling video taken from a single-family home in New Jersey in 2011.



Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment

Description: Affordable, professional bed bug heat equipment and training for companies looking to perform their own green pest control work and react quickly to pest infestations. Heat kills every type of pest and their eggs including bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, termites, ants, etc. Additionally heat can kill bacteria and viruses.