Discover how being a member of IBBRA will help make a difference in your business and in the lives of others

IBBRA extends and works with global partners as a leading resource authority for bed bugs providing education, products and services that meet stringent core requirements.

The IBBRA is comprised of a group of seasoned and experienced professionals that have united in a mutually beneficial relationship to combat the bed bug pandemic throughout our world’s communities.

Our advisory team consists of the world’s top professional and informative bed bug experts. IBBRA provides heightened awareness and education to people who are suffering from the impact of bed bug infestations.

Why are companies turning to IBBRA as their business partner?

We are dedicated to eliminating the bed bug infestation through environmentally friendly practices and the most comprehensive educational resources available. Our long term commitment is to establish an organization of industry experts, professionals and individuals that collectively work together to raise awareness, provide resources and pursue quality solutions to the bed bug epidemic.

Each member is hand chosen by IBBRA. Only those who pass our strict requirements and abide by our bylaws and professional ethics are allowed membership. (See IBBRA Membership Qualifications and Bylaws Requirements)

Making a difference with IBBRA Membership!

We make a difference in IBBRA members’ businesses and all that turns to us for our environmental stewardship using Integrated Pest Management (IPM), reliable education, public awareness and certified product resources. We provide essential tools to train service professionals, grow their business, save them money on certified bed bug products, and expose them to clients seeking solutions to bed bugs in their areas.

IBBRA Scientific Advisory Board becomes a valuable resource to our members.

You can be proud to be connected to IBBRA’s industry professionals from all over the world. Sharing information on industry trends, education and new solutions with our risk management resources, university programs, treatments findings, leading entomologists, professional and experienced bed bug litigation attorneys and renowned bed bug consultants gives your company the leading edge in bed bug remediation.

  • You become a part of and an extension of IBBRA’s Task Force worldwide. With your proven bed bug skills, knowledge, certified bed bug products and services, your contributions become a part of and are known for being an industry leader in your area.
  • IBBRA will provide a win-win scenario for our members and will provide them with a professional marketing platform consisting of P.R., Web 2.0, Social Media, Videos and much more. We fully expect your position to be one in which we help you engage the general public and help raise awareness.
  • You have access to certified and tested bed bug products discounts for your company and your clients. Combined purchasing power enables us to pass savings on to your company.
  • You are listed as a bed bug expert company on our web site with a link to your company web site, and your hotline number to answer and assist clients that find you through the efforts of our web site and advertising.
  • FREE peer reviewed/written training materials from trusted resources
  • The IBBRA web site will house IBBRA Certified Companies where people from across the nation and the seas can find you in their prospective area, your name and contact information will come up including web address… It is expected that a response is initiated within 24 hours (as these people need help with bed bugs). We will limit the amount of companies within the cities and states, as we only take on professionals with bed bug experience that follow out standards and IPM so that everyone has a fair shake at referrals.
  • Targeted exposure for your company. We are NOT a huge date base of anyone who wants to join. Each IBBRA member is carefully chosen to fulfill demographics in each area thus making you stand out from the rest – customers don’t have to search through hundreds to find you.
  • Webinars – We are expecting most if not all of the advisers to participate in our monthly webinar series. This can simply be done through the internet interviews. The webinars are going to be focused on specific, predetermined subjects of the speaker’s area of expertise i.e. (pest control, bed bug detection dogs, prevention, products, etc.). The IBBRA will promote and market these web conferences and record each of the presentations to be embedded and used as reference in our Video library for future reference.
  • Forums/ blogs- We will be hosting a forum on the IBBRA website with people from all over the world posting questions and scenarios on the site. We will not require, but would expect members of the Task Force board to participate in this at some level. Any new papers, research or articles that they publish, we will also list on our blog and cross promote to our registered e-mail list and e-newsletter recipients. We want the advisers to be able to use the IBBRA as a marketing resource for them to be able to promote any and all information they wish to share or release to the public.
  • When our funding and grants and sponsorship monies build we will be starting to film our series “The Bed Bug Chronicles™”, a 12 part series that will be listed on the site. Each part of the series will cover yet another aspect of the bed bug resurgence and how it impacts us as a world. Each of our team will have an opportunity to be featured in these. These will become a permanent part of the web site for all to learn from and hopefully become a full featured film.

We look forward to welcoming you!


Our firm’s commitment and responsibility to this Association:

  • To diligently uphold the integrity and standards of this association
  • Maintain a high level of professional integrity & moral responsibility
  • To attend to the needs of our members and their clients
  • To cooperate in the exchange of knowledge and solutions
  • To strive for congruent educational peer reviewed materials
  • To develop and build an International bed bug awareness
  • Practice honesty and fairness in all advertising and transactions

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