Your donations go far further than the bed bugs.

The IBBRA is depended upon by many as the “go-to” for bed bug education, support and resources and we want you to join us in 2014!

IBBRA wouldn’t be possible without the commitment of sponsors.  Becoming a Sponsor of the IBBRA, no matter which level, helps to ensure the quality of our education and furthers our educational outreach, programs and economic development efforts.

No matter what level of sponsorship you select, you will be contributing to awareness and education that brings schools, churches, businesses and families together to help thousands of potential bed bug victims. Also by helping victims make the right choices when hiring a professional or doing self-treatments.

Don’t know what level is best for you? Call us and we will customize a sponsorship package that will maximize your participation and sponsorship commitment.

Giving a Gift to the IBBRA – Get Involved – Help with Public Awareness or Help a Bed Bug Victim

Know where your sponsorship funds go…

The resurgence of Bed Bugs has finally reached a critical point and is not going away anytime soon. As far back as April 2009 the EPA and CDC held their first national bedbug summit to solicit recommendation for dealing with the growing menace. In it, the group highlighted the emotional and psychological effects of bedbugs, arguing that the definition of public health needed to be enlarged to include “overall wellness and mental health aside from the financial devastation for remediation”.

The IBBRA has positioned itself as a “strategic resource partnership” between consumers, pest control operators, bed bug product manufacturers and industry experts with focus on the “do it yourself segment” for the general public. This is a growing concern because of the use and over-use of toxic products. We help people recognize what not to do as well as direct them to safe alternatives.

Due to the lack of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Proactive Preventative Protocols in many of the hospitality and multi-unit property segments, this awareness is greatly needed.

The IBBRA has built upon these protocols and has established an industry first “Three Step Program” for anyone from consumer to business owner to follow to properly address and solve their bed bug issue.

The three steps allow them to “Educate” themselves about bed bugs, their nature and behaviors and to learn about companies and or products that can assist them. Secondly, they are able to “Evaluate” their overall situation and not have to combat it blindly or without the proper tools. Lastly, we enable them to “Initiate” a plan of action steps to utilize the best possible resources to relinquish their problem and set a preventative protocol in place for future possibilities of infestation.

Your sponsorship allows the IBBRA to continue to expand our outreach and to maintain our leadership in the development of and procurement of bed bug educational materials and protocols for pest management, hotels, low housing, multi-unit dwellings, businesses and the general public.

Principal Sponsorship- Premium Level Sponsor of the IBBRA

Our most prestigious level of supporting sponsorship for the IBBRA – Principal Sponsorship ensures your company has maximum exposure with IBBRA, its outreach network, callers and members; an exceptional opportunity for your company to feature prominently with the IBBRA.

We become partners in the fight against bed bugs and grow hand in hand together!

Our Principal Sponsor is carefully chosen and while not required, it is expected that this level sponsor will have a deep seeded interest in helping promote a massive public awareness in communities worldwide and is positioned in the bed bug industry.

Principal Sponsorship is of the best value for those who have bed bug products or services to be used in the education, elimination and/or protection against bed bugs.

Major Sponsor

Our next level of sponsorship is known as a Major Sponsor. Our Major Sponsors are the consistent and dedicated support and the cornerstone to IBBRA.

These companies stand strongly behind the vision and mission of the IBBRA and provide the assistance needed to help provide education to the masses. These sponsors provide abundance of educational resources in the form of books to many communities across our nation.

Supporting Sponsors

A Gift that Supports Bed Bug Education – Ways to Give

The IBBRA is able to keep book costs low thanks to generous donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

We give them away!

Knowing about bed bugs BEFORE you get them helps many stay away from the financial and emotional devastation that they cause. Using the IBBRA as a teaching tool for public awareness, the IBBRA inspires public awareness and learning through books that can be distributed throughout neighborhoods, schools, churches, businesses and groups. Show them you are behind the cause and care by having your company displayed on the book!

Your donation will support this mission and is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Outreach Sponsors

Often we receive calls from families that cannot afford the services of a professional pest control company. These funds help to offset the cost of materials and/or services to help those in need.

Give a gift that provides permanent recognition. There are many single parents and families that can’t afford the services of a pest management professional yet need help in removing bed bugs from their lives. Your donation can help to make a huge difference in these people’s lives.

IBBRA Pest Management Members and product suppliers “Pay-it-Forward” once a month [per location] by donating their time, services and products for those who can’t possibly afford these and need help. The IBBRA helps by paying for a part of these services whether it is investigation, preparation, products, education or remediation; we are here to help!

Interactive Sponsors

Without the support of our Interactive Sponsors, time spent with each bed bug victim that calls the Bed Bug Crisis Hotline 24/7 would not be possible. These sponsors help keep the phone lines open and paid for while helping to make a different in victims’ lives.

To book your company as a Sponsor for any level for the International Bed Bug Resource Authority or for more information, please call Founder/Director Denise Donovan at 888-966-2332.

“My greatest wish is that we continue to grow strong collectively as the premier bed bug authority resource and are instrumental in educating people in how to avoid potential financial and health issues that accompany bed bugs; while providing tested and certified tools to make a difference for those who are in need”

Denise Donovan