Yes, even Northern Minnesota with their freezing temperature has bed bugs!

Founding Member of the IBBRA since 2011, Northstar Pest Control continues to serve Minnesotan’s with their solid family values and expert pest control services. Yes, even Northern Minnesota with their freezing temperature has bed bugs!

Northstar was started by Ron and Annie Ebbighausen back in 1983. Their daughter Sue came on board in 1999 with her husband Cory who allowed mom and dad to retire.

Since then this dynamic family dual saw the need for something that could help people treat their belongings in a well-designed, mobile heat unit called the Insect Inferno, which can go from job site to job site.

Many people discover bed bugs when getting ready to move from one location to another and with that go the bed bugs unless you do something to get rid of them. Also, cluttered dwellings present a problem for elimination and having a portable unit to load these items in helps to target in internal temperatures for successful elimination.

This heat controlled insect eliminating system has actuators on the trailer to lower and raise the trailer for easy loading and unloading items to and from the unit. The heat source is contained heat that is circulated with fans to keep the temperature within 2-3 degrees of desired temperature at all times. It heats quickly and will get the core temperature of mattresses, box springs, couches, chairs and other household items hot enough for a predetermined time to kill insects and their eggs in a cost effective and efficient manner.

The control room is located at the front of the trailer where the electronics, computers, on/off controls for the temperature and fans are located. The Insect Inferno is equipped with an electronic monitoring system so you can see the core temperature of the items being treated and the actual air temperature of the unit. A heat cycle or load generally takes 1-2 hours depending on the size of the trailer and the size of the load.

When speaking to Cory and Sue I asked what they contribute their success to and their humble reply was “Wonderful customers!”

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Today’s Smartest Traveler knows his/her Bed Bug Rules

Room Reservations – Check – Mail Forwarding – Check – Money – Check – Kids or Pet Baby Sitter – Check – Plane tickets – check – Rental Care – Check – Pack – Check.

What am I missing?

imagesCARBLAEIMany of us have lists of things to do when preparing for a travel adventure on a plane, train, car and bus or cruise ship. We do our last minute run to the store picking up travel size toiletries and other “acceptable travel items” per each carrier to help us through check in and out with ease.

But in most people’s itinerary one thing is greatly missing.


More often than not the thought of picking up bed bugs doesn’t enter our minds when we travel. The only thing we think about is how excited we are to get to our destination safe and sound. Or maybe you don’t even know bed bugs are a possibility? Either way it’s when bed bugs come home with you and set up housekeeping in your home that the thought process changes.

And this isn’t about Hotel stays that I’m talking about – bed bugs are everywhere! This is about problems with bed bugs that originate “on the way to your destination”. They only require a hot meal now and then.

Bed bugs originally got their name from being the “bug” that plagued people’s beds but as this plague unfolds they are found anywhere people congregate for any amount of time. This means any captive audience that uses rental cars, airplanes, limousines, trains, buses or any other travel means. Or sit in and visits restaurants, movie theaters, doctor’s offices, hospitals – you get the picture.

All this is avoidable if you “think before you pack for your trip” and unpack properly when you return.

To learn the “how to’s and don’ts about packing and travel, the IBBRA has written The Bed Bug Travelers Handbook.

A must read for anyone who travels anywhere or have children who go to camp. Protecting yourself from bed bug hitchhikers when you travel is easy to pack right along with you in your bag!

Get it here The Bed Bug Travelers Handbook.


Saving the World, One Bug at a Time!

Since 2001 BugsRus has been safely helping people fight the battle of bugs in Residential, Commercial and Industrial facilities, one bug at a time. Don’t take that expression too lightly because BugsRus are at the forefront of experienced bed bug elimination.

We are proud to introduce our new member to our team in Texas. The IBBRA searches for companies who display exemplary skills and knowledge in bed bug remediation and BugsRus caught our attention. Our by-laws include those who truly care for their customers and that is what the owners of BugsRus do.

Being that bed bugs can present a sensitive situation for many, our members need to be understanding and caring. Texas Bugs-R-Us is a family owned and operated company. Calvin and his wife have young children who hope that someday can take over the family legacy of caring for and treating customers like they were family.

They are all about high standards, reliability and exceptional customer service. They work extended hours and do whatever is needed to care for their clients as well as take time to educate those who are dealing with bed bugs so they can prevent from getting them again.

Offering a combination of both chemical and state-of-the-art non-chemical treatments, their technicians are highly trained and are knowledgeable in the latest in techniques in bed bug control while customizing effective treatment plans for every situation. New customers receive 15% off their treatment.

Welcome aboard, the pleasure is ours!



“How do I know where all the bed bugs are?”

1Now added to the arsenal of IBBRA’s team of professionals is K9 Bed Bug Detection NW with their highly trained and skilled K9 team.

They go by the philosophy and motto of Knowledge + Experience + Training = Accuracy

K9 NW’s dog Ruger is fully trained and certified through the O.P.C.A. Marty who owns K9 Bed Bug Detection NW has a lengthy background in training K9’s scent dogs for search and rescue duty.

Whether it’s commercial or residential it doesn’t make a difference, they are experienced in many different venues including pre-sale, post-sale and listed real estate sale or rental inspections. One never knows if a bed bug hitchhiker made it into an open house and smart real estate offices are now including bed bug inspections in their reports before closing escrow just like they do for termites.

The same process is used for apartment complexes and other multi-unit properties that are having their units checked for bed bugs prior to a new tenant moving in. This greatly helps people avoid the argument of who brought them in and who’s responsibility is it to remediate as well as eliminating the possibility of any law suits regarding bed bugs.

luggage 1Commercial facilities that include hotels, motels, have a constant flow of bed bugs on the feet or luggage of the next guest. Customizing a proactive program helps to keep facilities on top of the possibilities of bed bugs on a regular basis helping to protect and assure clients that they have a safe stay.

Schools and dorms which often become a breeding ground for bed bugs can feel assured they are found in the earliest stages which helps to cut down on expensive treatments. No matter what the occasion where one would suspect bed bugs, whether it’s before or after treatment, this team finds the hidden bed bugs before it becomes a real problem.

Residential inspection fees start at $175.00 and discounts are given to military and senior citizens.

From Eugene Oregon to Seattle Washington, we are proud to have this amazing team join us in the battle of bed bugs in Oregon.

Welcome Aboard K9BedBugDetectionNW we all look forward to working with you!


“Monsters are living IN your bed – not under!”


It came to my attention through a caller late Tuesday night that her young daughter while visiting at a friend’s house saw an ad the teenage son was looking at that said “Monsters are living IN your bed – not under!”

Being a typical teenager he called the young girls over and said “see Monsters are IN your beds!”

Her daughter was so frightened that she found her safety net glued under her mom’s arm. She told me that her daughter has not left her side for days. She tried to get her to go to bed but she immediately started crying and begging her not to make her sleep in her bedroom.

This young girl’s impressionable mind led her to believe that there were “Monsters in her bed” and she would no longer sleep in her bed. Matter of a fact – she wouldn’t go into her room by herself without mom and insisted sleeping with mom and dad.

When the woman called me she said “what the hell is wrong with people?” It’s bad enough that we have to be dealing with bed bugs but honestly do companies have to scare people into buying their product?

The woman and her husband had to go into their daughter’s room, disassemble the whole bed and show her that there were no monsters. Thinking she would be ok with that, they re-assembled the bed and made it up for sleepy time yet the girl still would not enter her room.

Now whether or not this company intended harm or even thought about the ramifications of this fear mongering type of advertisement or not, I don’t know, but hopefully they will go in and redesign their advertising campaign to include safe and sound information based on protecting your mattress from soiling and not “Monsters”.

OK, I understand protection when it comes to your mattress. Even before the bed bug resurgence I purchased mattress encasements, but it was to protect my expensive investment from dust mites, body sweat and stains.

But when companies go out of their way to make people fearful and use fear mongering in order to make a sale, I have a problem with that.

Class it up a bit, think about the end user and have a heart please!

The benefits of encasements are great when it comes to bed bugs because they take away the places where bed bugs chose to hide within the seams and piping of the mattress and in the box springs. Taking away the harborage areas helps to protect from having to have your mattress treated “if and when” you should encounter bed bugs. They also keep, your investment as I mentioned above (I believe mattresses and bedding is an investment), from getting dirty, fecal build up from dust mites and keep body fluids, skin and sweat from ruining it.

Another great benefit for mattress encasements is if you move it keeps it from getting dirty. I have seen many people move and drag their mattresses across the floor or sidewalks not to mention the floor of the moving vans and dirty hands of the movers.

A problem with some mattress encasement that you can pick up at your local store is the material is often pretty thin and can rip easily. The most common place they tear or rip is where the encasement meets the edges of the frame of the bed. Unfortunately, if it tears or rips and leaves an opening of any size, bed bugs can easily get into it whether or not you have an encasement on or not.

The fact remains that yes, bed bug can be considered monsters but not like the ad depicts. So at the risk of repeating myself once again, please pay no attention to those ads that prey on people to buy something because of bed bugs. Get the facts first!