Joseph Wilson a Big Bang Theory type of “Bed Bug Control Geek!”

Joseph Wilson a Big Bang Theory type of “Bed Bug Control Geek!”

We’ve all heard of car geeks, Star Trek geeks, wine geeks and computer geeks; but if one would want to get Joseph’s attention all they have to do is just mention bed bugs! He’s known as the “Bed Bug Geek” in California and the IBBRA is proud to have him as a founding member.

Joseph often gets calls from people who have failed bed bug treatments from other companies. In sheer desperation they call Joe and when after listening to his minutiae about bed bugs they are glad they found him. Joseph will never walk away until each of his customers is fully educated on both dealing with their problem at hand and preventative measures. And most importantly, until every last bed bug is dead!

Joseph started his career in the pest control industry after being recruited by friends back in 1992. Although Joseph was attending college in Idaho at the time, he was intrigued by the potential of the industry and an opportunity to move to California.

He spent the next fourteen years working for and being recruited by many different companies. He worked in several states including California, Portland and Utah learning the “ropes” of the industry, furthering his education and gaining valuable pest control experience.

He took a position with “Truegreen-Chemlawn” in Utah and enjoyed running a route which he says was really fun and he was able to get lots of good experience.  After 4 years he moved back to California, and went to work for an old roommate’s brother who owned a small pest control company in Ventura CA.

He had a hard time finding stability with any of the smaller guys he was working for, and he decided to apply for work with Clark Pest Control in Santa Clarita, CA and remained with them for 2.5 years. He then moved on and worked for Vertex Pest Control and finally with Orkin for 2 years.

After persistent encouragement from friends and family he made the decision to start his own company. In June of 2006 he purchased a smaller company who he had worked for and changed the name to All Pro Pest Control Inc. All Pro Pest has grown steadily ever since.

Joseph attributes his success to his understanding of other companies’ policies and procedures and by creating his company philosophy based on things other companies lacked. All Pro Pest has exceptional customer service, superb care and follow-up and always does the job right using the highest quality materials. “I treat my customers like they were my own family”, Joseph says.

He describes himself as a “Pest Control Geek!” Give him a call, he could talk bugs and bug business 24/7 and has learned to temper himself due to the many complaints of his wife (smile).

The biggest problems that Joe acknowledges with bed bugs is the lack of education for the general public, pest control companies not using the right tools, putting a Band-Aid on the job and walking away from the client before the job is totally complete.

After careful consideration and researching many products used for the remediation of bed bugs, Joseph recently purchased the “Heat Injector” unit for doing heat treatments. He’s very excited as it is new technology and it is amazing so far!

Joseph leads in the industry through focused dedication and determination and embraces the philosophy of the IBBRA wholeheartedly!

Joseph is happily married and a proud father of six year old boy/girl twins and a two year old who has a congenital heart defect called Cardiomyopathy. They are currently working with UCLA to get him listed for a heart transplant.

To contact Joseph and experience his company first-hand Call 661 645 0540 or visit

The Importance of Documenting all Bed Bug Related Issues

Picture1You’ve all heard document, document, and document! As bed bugs continue to proliferate worldwide the need to document each and every complaint, bite, investigation, infestation, treatment and scenario becomes a priority in all cases. Litigation in bed bug situations are growing daily. And because of this people are finding out that if they complain they can in some cases be well rewarded with financial perks.

Bed bugs were not in the mix of well-known and common insects that invade our lives up until about a decade ago but now they are playing a significant role in everyday life. People are familiar with ants, fleas, flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches because they grew up knowing them where bed bugs were only a mention in a goodnight saying “Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite”.

Most of the cases involved in today’s litigations are multi-unit apartment owners, hospitality and furniture rental companies but time will reveal more and more cases regarding car rentals, storage facilities, secondhand stores, hospitals and senior care homes, pre-schools, universities and businesses. You name it, where ever people gather there will be a chance of someone picking up a hitchhiker and pointing the finger back at someone or someplace they visited.

It’s pretty well known that if someone wants to get away with not paying for their hotel room for the night they can easily make a complaint and the hotel management will not charge them for the room. I have heard where people have an infestation at home and cannot afford treatment. They stay at a hotel for the night, wake up and complain, get a free night’s stay then a couple of weeks later turn around and say it was the hotel’s fault and then require the hotel to pay for their treatment. That is extortion by the customer. The fear of a bad reputation or possible law suit sends the hospitality management into a tail spin who can’t do enough to keep the guests mouth shut and just make them happy.

So what would a hospitality group do to protect against this happing? What makes some companies achieve guest satisfaction regardless of facing a bed bug scare? Companies that have protocols in place stand out from the rest because they have developed strong analytical tools and a framework to work from. They have increased their opportunity to build strong customer relationships and trust while creating uncontested market share.

Here’s where having a LAYERED DEFENSE STRATEGY© IBBRA, plays an important role.

Being a recent phenomenon, the resurgence has caused the pest control industry to re-evaluate the way they deal with them as well as created a new learning curve because they are not eliminated like the other insects. Trial and error has brought the technical end of remediation to the forefront where while this is being addressed daily, the education regarding bed bug challenges is still pretty new for the customer, and it is only “after” the culprit has been discovered that a reaction occurs.

Solving bed bug issues and problems is the first goal of any pest control company when called on but as time marches on the ultimate and long term goals are geared towards creating a protection against future infestations for their clients. This entails a tremendous amount of education, understanding and documentation. Although bed bugs can’t be stopped at the door, the way the situation is handled can make a significant difference in whether these companies get sued or not.

We’ve been focusing on the “big bug picture” for long term and see that everyone and we mean every living human that has blood running through their veins must at least know the risks involved with bed bugs. And most importantly, know how to prevent from getting them and how to find them in the earliest of stages before it becomes an “infestation”.

Multi-unit properties and hospitality groups often change staff and management. If proper protocols are not part of a complaint hierarchy, policies and procedures in place and accurate records are not kept, the chance of litigation grows. If these reports are not complete and accurate where new management can go back and read the details and fully understand them, the chances are that problems will occur.

The book Bed Bugs Hospitality and Risk Management, addresses protocols that help to reduce the risk of a bed bug law suit for the hospitality industry. Written from experience of dealing with bed bugs in hotels we’ve been able to design a manageable proactive program where management and staff are fully educated and know what to do in the event of bed bugs.

Reducing the chances of litigation is to document as much as possible. The documents have to be self-explanatory and be able to be fully understood regardless of whether a new staff or pest control company is brought on. Until one experiences a law suit first hand, property managers usually can’t comprehend the full impact on their property and return on investment for their shareholders. Most fail to understand how difficult it is to eliminate bed bugs once they have become established. Addressing and setting up a strategy for bed bugs requires time and effort and money to do it right. Once established and in place the risk fact drops low and guest satisfaction grows.

Apartment complexes and multi-unit properties can take the same approach in developing and establishing a starting point from when a new tenant and residing tenants can all know the signs and be able to notify management in the earliest stages. The book Bed Bugs for Landlords, Tenants and Property Management explores the issues of bed bug infestations from several unique perspectives including legal responsibility, control and prevention and economic consequences.

Learn the steps for developing a proactive plan of action!

1-888-966-2332 or 1-888-9NOBEDBUGS




Consequences of Aging Seniors and Bed Bugs – a Crying Shame

Since I started in the bed bug industry I have laughed at sheer silliness as much as I’ve cried at shameful situations. I’d like to share a story that greatly disturbed me and isn’t a laughing matter at all; sadly enough is happening more than we realize.

Bed Bug Blood BathThis past week a very disturbing call came in from one of our members which sent shivers up my spine and tears to my eyes. The owner of Aces Pest Solutions in Missouri is a highly experienced bed bug remediation expert who has seen just about everything when it comes to bed bugs. Although I’ve heard of similar situations from other pest control companies in the past, more and more calls of this nature and severities of these types of situations are finding their way to my phone.

Kent was called out to perform a bed bug inspection in a home where two elderly people lived. As he approached the front door, his detection dog Alphy immediately started to go berserk. Even with a closed door it was obvious through the dog’s demeanor that he smelled the presence of bed bugs through the threshold.

He knocked and as the door opened, the rank pungent smell that is normally associated with serious infestations nearly knocked him over and what he saw he explained was like something out of a horror movie. His eyes immediately glanced over thousands of blood drips from full bellied smashed bed bugs covering the walls and floors.

Both the husband and wife appeared like skeletons with deep set cavernous eyes, pale graying skin and physically resembled emaciated prisoners of post war with bed bugs crawling all over their clothing. They were dressed head to toe in pants and long sleeve shirts, wearing rubber gloves on their hands and one gallon zip lock bags on their feet both duck taped to their wrists and ankles to avoid the bites of bed bugs.

Hidden behind the front door of this thousand square foot home were literally hundreds of thousands of bed bugs. Kent hesitantly walked further into the home carefully watching every step he made. When he reached the bedroom he glanced at what was probably the original feeding ground at one time with blood bath soaked sheets.

Our senior generation is growing at a faster rate than the total population in almost all regions of the world. With this comes failing eye sight, dementia and mental decline, physical handicaps, loneliness and depression and lower limited incomes. Because of this it’s more often that bed bugs go unnoticed or treated for greater lengths of time. Many seniors are lonely and depressed and still live in their homes or apartments with very few visitors. Unfortunately this segment of seniors may have challenges with eye sight and can barely see, they may not shower for months on end, may eat spoiled food, physically can’t or don’t clean or change their sheets, clutter is piled sky high and their quality of life is dismal compared to younger days. Now add bed bugs to the equation as a constant blood meal and see how it changes the dynamics of these situations.

What Kent observed and expressed to me about these emaciated looking people went beyond just dealing with a bed bug infestation. Although they may have still had somewhat active life styles, they certainly looked much older as being fed on by bed bugs had taken a serious toll on their bodies.

When being a sole feeding source for thousands of bed bugs over a long period of time, the body can lose enough red blood cells to cause a condition called anemia. Anemia is a common condition in which blood has a lower than normal number of red blood cells and if not diagnosed and treated can be life threatening and can lead to more physical problems including strokes and heart problems. Many older adults already have medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease, kidney failure, cancer, diabetes and are at increased risk for this.

Who knows the actual reasons why this couple allowed this problem to accelerate to unfathomable proportions – the shame of all this is – these types of situations are not as rare as we think and doesn’t have to happen.

I urge people to TAKE BED BUGS SERIOUSLY at the first sign of them.

How many people sit silently not letting anyone know about their bed bug problem? Caregivers for the elderly are at risk while visiting seniors with infestations, picking up bed bugs and spreading them to unsuspected others.

For those who know or work with elderly people, have an ageing parent who might not be able to look after themselves; visit them with the intent of looking for signs of bed bugs and certainly reach out and call someone who can help before they get out of hand.

Contact Kent at Aces Pest Solutions

We are always here to help! 1-888-966-2332


IBBRA Expands their Professional “Detection Only” Network in Northern California

dog_noseWe’d like to introduce the new owners of Good Dog Bed Bug Detection in Northern California! With the ever increasing “not knowing” if one has bed bugs, or where they are; we are happy to bring aboard Jennifer and Jeff to our team.

My name is Jennifer Tantzen and my husband Jeff and I are proud to introduce ourselves as the new owners of Good Dog Bed Bug Detection.  As a lifelong dog lover it is a dream come true for me to own a K9 business.

I began working with dogs 20 years ago.  I was 19 and studying horticulture at Oregon State University when I went to the shelter and adopted my first dog.  My parents thought I was crazy but soon realized what a good thing this was.  Instead of going to bars with my friends, I was going to obedience classes and learning everything I could about training dogs.

After graduating, I went on to work in landscaping for many years.  Throughout this time I continued in obedience training and working with rescue dogs.  I volunteered with several rescue groups, fostered dogs and helped train and rehabilitate many.

About 5 years ago I began training and trialing in protection sports.  My rescue dogs and I took 1st place many times.  While I love dog sports, I still felt like I could do more.  I wanted a way to actually work with dogs and help people and of course earn a living.  So when the opportunity to purchase Good Dog Bed Bug Detection from Lisa Johnson came along it was a very easy decision to make.

My years in landscaping and many entomology classes in college have made transitioning to the pest control industry very smooth.  I am now a licensed branch 2 field rep in the state of California and hoping to be licensed and available for work in Nevada next month.

Our business is unique in that we are a detection only service.  We offer our customers a completely unbiased opinion.  We are not trying to sell treatment, we are identifying where and if bed bugs are present.  We are willing to work with customers directly or through their pest control company.  We feel that early detection is the key and encourage our large commercial customers to have monthly or quarterly maintenance inspections.

A dog’s ability to detect scent is truly amazing.  They are used for so many different jobs now, from detecting blood sugar levels, cancer, bombs, narcotics, search and rescue and now bed bugs.  A well trained dog can detect bed bugs with incredible accuracy, while a human is about 30%, per UC studies.  When you pair their ability with a good handler, they are an extremely effective team.

In addition to the dog’s olfactory search, we also provide a visual search.  Our dogs are only rewarded when we physically find evidence, thus reducing or eliminating false alerts.  We have undergone a lot of in the field training on bed bugs, as well as attended lectures, read books, and educated ourselves as much as possible on these pests.

We offer our services in all of northern California and are the only licensed, certified team north of Sacramento.

We look forward to working with you!