March 20, 2015, 6th Annual IBBRA International Bed Bug Awareness

In March of 2009, the International Bed Bug Resource Authority (IBBRA), successfully launched and celebrated their first official Bed Bug Awareness which made a difference in many people’s lives.

However, raising this type of awareness is a habit for us because we find it important every day of the year.

Since that first day of spring, as exhausting as it has been, we are proud to say we never gave up and have never looked back. We have been mono-focused and actively involved in raising this awareness not only in the US, but also internationally by providing a Bed Bug Hotline and targeted bed bug educational materials to encompass a host of different living styles, settings and human behaviors habits.

The volume and intensity of bed bug infestations, accompanied by the amount of people inflicted worldwide, is surging by hundreds and thousands each year. Out of these, the majority are still not aware that they could ever fall victim to them.

We have persisted in our mission in hope that this greater awareness and knowledge will lead to earlier detection which results in less financial, social and emotional suffering.

This month, the IBBRA will be joining City Council as part of our combined Bed Bug Taskforce efforts to explore the various issues surrounding bed bugs. With this, we are confident and expecting to encourage and empower the creation of new laws, policies and procedures to serve our communities.

Our Purpose

  • To raise awareness and support efforts of others to educate people about bed bugs, including risk factors, prevention and early detection
  • To support, assist, provide for, and encourage better leadership on joint federal, state, and local levels
  • To enhance legislative initiatives, organization and workforce strategies to best serve our communities
  • To share the IBBRA proven standards, policies, procedures and unbiased bed bug addendums for low housing multi-unit rented properties
  • To share the IBBRA proven standards, policies, procedures and unbiased bed bug addendums for private and corporate owned leased multi-unit dwellings and properties
  • To help address and respond appropriately with a responsibility action, to any issue or event of bed bug infestation negligence which could cause harm to the public’s health
  • To educate and inform people to ask questions, and be able to recognize proper treatment solutions vs. those that are inappropriate or dangerous
  • To raise funds through donations for massive distribution of educational materials for shelters and low income recipients
  • To assist schools, churches and other organizations with the IBBRA’s “Be aware – Not scare” fundraiser program
  • To extend our awards program to those who have accomplished significant and successful actions that minimize negative impacts of bed bugs throughout their community. Paying tribute to recipients that have demonstrated a commitment to environmental stewardship through outstanding leadership
  • To have each of our educational programs, books and materials available in multi-cultural languages
  • To empower everyone by uniting the caring power of people worldwide
  • To support others awareness efforts with a unified voice

We need to reach more people and help them understand what they are up against, risks, prevention, what NOT TO DO and assist them towards safe, efficacious treatment options. We can’t do this alone!

How you can help We are reaching out to all that know about bed bugs, have experienced bed bugs, kill or play with bed bugs, detect bed bugs, teach about bed bugs or just plain hate bed bugs to speak up and talk about them! Share your knowledge or come to us for help. The more people that know the better off all of us will be.

We invite you to help Raise Awareness and please Contact Us to for more information about ways to get involved!

Thank you for your interest and time!

Denise Donovan


International Bed Bug Resource Authority

“Just Push In The Plugs and Kill the Bugs!”

“Just Push In The Plugs and Kill the Bugs!”

One of the most costly problems the hospitality industry suffers from is “recurring bed bug treatments”, sometimes to the tunes of tens of thousands of dollars a year. On top of that, bad reviews and lawsuits caused by these infestations are something property owners should not have to endure.

You do not need to have a full-fledged “infestation” for a guest to complain of bed bugs bites. One single bed bug could have come in on a previous guest’s luggage, laid eggs, and when the eggs hatched, started to suck a blood meal on your next guest.

The fact remains, bed bugs are on the feet or luggage of the next guests that walks in the door. A bed bug treatment can be completed on Thursday and bed bugs re-introduced on Friday, leaving Saturdays guest vulnerable to being bitten or taking one home with them. A vicious never-ending circle of battle that causes management  to  call  on  pest  control  every  time  they receive a complaint.

This continuous paying out for treatments seriously depletes the hotels budget, returns on investment (ROI), and by the end of the year destroys the properties bottom line.

Ron Ketner, owner of AZEX Pest Solutions, has completed thousands of bed bug treatments to both hospitality, multi-unit communities, residential and businesses throughout Arizona. He saw first-hand what so many of his clients were going through and wanted to help them the best way he could without the huge expense of a “whack-a-mole” treatment strategy.

Ron said, “This isn’t only about hotels and multi-unit properties, it’s about schools, businesses, my friends and family. This is OUR community. We are all at risk”.

Ron has consulted with many hotel management teams after their exhausting attempts to get ahead of the bed bug problems. He became aware that most were doing repeated chemical treatments themselves with no permanent relief from bed bugs in sight. They would spray in one room and bed bugs would find their way into adjacent rooms the next week.

From his experience, he knew that applying pesticides to combat infestations for bed bugs was not only lacking “star burst technology©” (treating surrounding rooms), but was also risky business. Not only were rooms out of circulation from three to fourteen days and sometimes longer, but many were throwing out mattresses, box springs and easy chairs. Then, with the accumulation of repeated treatments, were residual chemical buildup and smells where chemically sensitive people in turn brought on unnecessary and avoidable lawsuits.

This greatly disturbed Ron, so he decided to create a way where hotel and multi-unit property owners could manage bed bugs safely and effectively themselves. He also wanted to see his client’s goal of 100% occupancy come true without tarnished bed bug reputations but also knew he and his team could not be in hundreds of places all at the same time. Thus Convectex was born!

Convectex bed bug heat equipment can take care of a bed bug problem quickly and effectively the moment a complaint comes in. With a variety of training methods and options along with a technical support team, whether you are a hotel owner, apartment building owner, or pest control company, they will teach you how to use heat to dramatically reduce your overhead with either videos or on-site and or remote personal training.

There is no need to wait for a pest control appointment, which can takes days if they are busy; no need to replace any furniture or close the room for days at a time. It just makes sense!

They teach you how to kill 100% of bed bugs in one treatment while doing it safely and without damaging the structure or its contents. The equipment is safe, light, and easy to use, yet durable and powerful.

Rooms are available for occupancy in less than 24 hours! Rooms do not have to stay on the “DO NOT OCCUPY” list missing revenue night after night or week after weeks.

Identifying bed bug “hot zones” also may be a challenge. You do not have to pinpoint and treat specific areas in hopes that you get all the bed bugs that are hiding. This whole room treatment gets bugs where they hide.

Re-introduction problems are no longer of concern, you can never “do it too many times” and there is no “build-up”. If you have a complaint three days of out a week, you can treat three days a week.

Bed bugs and other pests simply cannot survive in extreme temperatures. The Convectex equipment heats the ambient air temperature of the affected room to between 135ºF and 140ºF, to effectively kill bed bugs and their eggs.

Other Important Benefits and Advantages:

  • Cost On Equipment Compares To a Few Professional Pest Control Treatments (FAST ROI… Pays for itself in only a few treatments)
  • Customers Do Not See Vans Or Equipment Saying BED BUG Killers Or PEST CONTROL outside your establishment (won’t scare off your clients)
  • No Chemicals Used (EPA Registered) Non-Toxic (Completely Safe For Guests)
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality and Reduced Rooms’ Odors (Does more than just kill bed bugs!)
  • Kills the entire bed bug lifecycle including the eggs
  • Easy to use 110 Volt bed bug heat systems

Convectex has combined the science of thermal convection and years of experience in pest control to provide you with bed bug heat products that you can count on to manage Bed Bugs effectively.  Our designed in America heaters and Air movers are safe, light, and easy to use yet durable and powerful. We can provide the equipment to heat almost any structure.

If Bed Bugs are your nightmare…… let Convectex wake you up!!

Contact Convectex 888-466-9887 or visit them at

ACES Bed Safe™ Bed Bug Protection Program Sweeps throughout Missouri

As bed bug activities continue to escalate, more people are frightened of potential infestations in their homes and businesses now than they ever have been before. ACES Pest Solutions, helps to address this growing problem of bed bugs through creating solution-based programs. The Bed Safe™ Bed Bug Program was developed to help the lodging industry get a handle on the constant flow of bed bugs they are experiencing.

Since early 2011, I have had the privilege of working closely with Kent Marsh, owner of ACES Pest Solutions. This man is always “thinking” outside the box!

He recently told me that the today’s inspections are much more serious infestations than years before. It seems that people are living with bed bugs longer and are finally exhausting their feeble attempts to self-treat. When after he finishes one of these, as he calls it, “more challenging jobs”, he will call me with a visual dissertation that describes his experience with detail.

With only a glimpse when the client opened the door, he immediately excused himself and went back to his truck to put on coveralls before doing the inspection. He thought to himself, “I certainly don’t need Alphy (his detection dog) here”. The signs and smell of bed bugs were literally, everywhere.

Upon entering, he observed excessive amounts of blood splatters and smears on the furniture and walls. He could not bring the words to his lips to ask how long they had bed bugs. With extreme difficulty, he was barely able to walk through a skinny beaten path to the back of the house that included snowdrifts of Diatomaceous Earth, littered with empty cans of Raid from months of self-treating. In addition, mountains of clothing, hordes of boxes, and miscellaneous “stuff” haphazardly piled high, that light from the windows was absent.

Years ago, he would have said that he was unprepared for the challenges that we are facing today, but Kent’s arsenal is full with what it takes to eliminate a problem of such magnitude and then some.

Through years of trial, error and experience, he quickly realized that heat was the best way to combat bed bug problems. Kent was one of the first to purchase a “propane heat monster” from Temp-Air. Some call it, “the Ferrari” of heat systems. Well, the cost was that of a Ferrari for some.

The purchase price will set a pest professional back around the same as buying a small home and it requires a generous parking area. Set up time for this monster exceeds an hour, and equipment to run the machine includes; ten high temperature fans, 24 wireless temperature monitoring sensors, 150’ of oversized power cables, 100’ of extension cords, cable clamps and a huge generator and fuel tank which had to be filled. In addition, there is a double axel trailer weighing in surplus of six thousand pounds to carry the monstrous equipment from job to job.

Of course, it came with a large learning curve to match its large size, but Kent and his team successfully came to terms with its rather generous size and still got the job done. Operating and fuel costs were expensive, and maintenance and repair added yet more to the hefty dollar amount of this machinery.

After about a year, Kent would laugh and say, “I don’t have to go to the gym any longer; setting up this equipment is a work out on its own”.

Before long, he realized that many people could not afford his service cost for running this equipment and he wanted to be able to help more people. His biggest setback was the fact that it took so long to set up, often needing more than one or two people, it took a long time to reach temperature and he could only do one job a day unless he wanted to work 15-hour days.

At this time, Kent knew what he wanted and needed. He wanted affordability and ease of heat treatments for him, his crews and his customers. He began searching for a more compact system where it would not break his bank and was not the size of semi. He wanted to be able to do more than one job, it had to be extremely efficient, it needed to be able to go into places that he was not able to go before and most importantly, the cost of running the equipment had to be much less. He heard of new heat system called Heat Injector.

The conversations between Kent and I have changed significantly. He now says to me, “We did four jobs today! This equipment rocks! It takes around twenty or so minutes to set up and only fifteen minutes to hit ambit temperature”.

Not only had he lowered his operating costs significantly but also, he can offer a better price and can pass the savings on to his customers.

He is glad he can now offer his Bed Safe™ Bed Bug Protection Program to more of his customers. ACES Pest Solutions provides extensive bed bug education/ consulting/seminars/training and materials to the lodging and multi-unit property industries as well as residential.

Kent Marsh, A.C.E., resides on the Service Provider Board for the International Bed Bug Resource Authority (IBBRA) and is an IBBRA Founding Member since 2011

“Not One More Night – Not One More Bite” Don’t live with bed bugs, you don’t have to anymore, visit ACES at OR Call 855-787-2220

Absolute Pest Management Is Missing an Angel


No one can ever prepare for a loss of such magnitude.

Dear All,

It was with great sadness that we learned that on Saturday January 24, 2015, Douglas Copeland unexpectedly passed away. Douglas worked for one of our members, Absolute Pest Control in Austin, Texas.

His loving wife Jennifer and their five beautiful children, Mary, Katie, Ashlyn, Michael and Brian, survive him. Douglas Copeland was a Happy go Lucky Laidback Family Man.  He loved his Family more than anything.

Our goal at IBBRA is to help them thru this very trying time not only with emotional support but as much financial assistance as possible to help with funeral arrangements and anything extra.

We hope that in a small way you can help this family through these trying times with a donation of any kind. If many of us come together with only ten or twenty dollars it will make all the difference!

The Absolute family and their friends have set up a GO FUND ME page for donations.


To Jennifer and Family,

May the constant love of friends and family soften your sadness, may the cherished memories bring you moments of comfort, and may lasting peace surround your hearts.

God bless you and your family,

The IBBRA Members and Family

Vancouver’s – Best! OnSite Pest Control Professional/Reliable/Effective

The IBBRA is always searching for those who provide services measured by skill, professional ethics, achievement, and experience in the industry. This is not an easy task for us. It takes peeling back the layers, many interviews, checking up behind the scenes, background checks and interviewing customers that have used their services.

We are pleased to announce and welcome, Onsite Pest Control as part of the IBBRA team.

What first impressed us with OnSite Pest Control was their primary focus on quality services and excellence in customer service for any of their services. With OnSite, the customer needs and requirements always come first. They offer no-obligation quotes, professional and quick service, and competitive rates for all pest removal.

Experienced in pest behavior, biology, and physiology, OnSite tailors programs that meet the demands of both commercial and residential customers, while still respecting our environment.

Coordinated 5 Step Approach

Aside from providing extensive education and understanding of the pest their clients are dealing with, their 5-step approach is what certainly sets them apart from competition. OnSite has created a company standard that ensures that they are continually providing excellent, safe, and efficient pest removal services.

Their process mandates: Evaluate – Plan – Communicate – Deploy – Follow Up

Today’s Challenge, Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most challenging pests for even the most experienced pest expert. A full understanding of the nature of the pest is vital. The experts at OnSite extend their bed bug knowledge to their clients so they limit the possibility of                          re-introduction and teach them pro-active prevention skills.

OnSite’s exceptional services start with a complete evaluation of the site before suggesting any pest removal methods. They check for evidence of pests, potential health or structural hazards, clues to quantity and behavior of pests, travel pathways and points of access and egress.

Once the evaluation is complete, they progress to creating a well-established plan of removal to ensure complete control and eliminate any pest problem. OnSite then sits down and communicates the complete plan to the client to ensure that their methods will be as effective as possible.

Once the plan is in place, it swings into action as soon as possible to return their clients home or business to the BBP (Before Bothersome Pest) state.

Finally, follow-up – Pests are just that – annoying and persistent home invaders. Clients never have to feel overwhelmed because OnSite will always follow-up to make sure the pests are gone!

An added benefit for finding bed bugs before and after treatments is their independent bed bug scent detection team. Highly trained and sophisticated, these dogs are used when bed bugs are not visible by human detection.

Loola and her handler come in to sniff the premise and find out whether bed bugs are the problem. If Loola should alert to a possible bed bug problem, a complete physical inspection of the alerted area then determines evidence of bed bugs. If no signs of bed bugs are obvious, OnSite carefully monitors until evidence is established.

When evidence of bed bugs is exposed, treatments initiated, and after treatment, Loola does her follow-up to reassure all bed bugs are gone.

It’s never pleasant when you find your home has become a haven for bed bugs or other pests. If your living space is a safe refuge from nature, then you feel comfortable enough to call it a ‘home’. On the other hand, when pests invade your home, you feel unsettled and sometimes downright threatened! Bugs, rats, mice, or spiders in your home might affect your health, social life, or cause damage to your property”.

Residential, commercial or industrial, you can trust and depend on OnSite.  They treat your pest control issues with a variety of strategies as appropriate in order to ensure total pest elimination!

OnSite Pest Control is a member of the Structural Pest Management Association (SPMA), (which only accepts applications from reputable companies with a minimum of 5 years in the industry) and is recognized by the Canadian Ministry.

Take a moment and Welcome them aboard!

You can reach OnSite:

Ph: 604-2-ONSITE (604-266-7483) | Emergency: 778-8-ONSITE (778-866-7483) |