911 – When Pest Control Becomes the Fire and Police for Bed Bugs

Picture1         In multi-unit properties, restaurants, schools and businesses, pest control has always been a mandatory operating expense to “control” infestations of ants, cockroaches, rats, to keep their patrons, employees and all safe. In residential homes people tend to have service contracts but only as a choice to keep their homes free of pests.


The trends in the U.S. market and use of pest control have expanded in recent years from mandatory prevention and residential service contracts to 911 Emergency Bed Bug Treatments. When a person makes the discovery, they have bed bugs, the creep factor crawls right in and patience quickly becomes a lost virtue. It is then that they reach for the phone and call for immediate help.

Not tomorrow, or next week, but now, this very second!

From late Friday night through Sunday is when we receive the calls from the majority of people experiencing extreme anxiety and desperation, saying they cannot get ahold of their regular pest control company. The problem is, many pest control companies do not answer phones on the weekends and resume business on Monday mornings like most businesses. A twenty-four seven business is not easy for anyone. Here is where loyalty slips right out the door, like a baby in bath water.

They are usually mad at their regular pest control company and make the decision never to use them again because they were not there for them when they REALLY needed them. It is these times, where they do not care who it is, just send in a responsible person to take care of the problem. Here is where, “you snooze – you lose”, comes in.

For those who do answer their phones, they get to be the hero, show up to get the job and possibly walk away with a service contract for everything else as well. Sometimes all the person needs is response. After all, they now know they can call on you no matter what day or time and you will be there for them. In most cases, we can get the panicked person to realize that another day or two is not going to make much of a difference, get them scheduled, and give them things they can do and not do in-between time to assure a restful weekend.

This happens all the time to ACES Pest Solutions. Kent and his team are spot on when people need their services. He often tells me, he feels like a Fire Department putting out fires before they spread and Police where they have to slap on the lights and sirens and show up to arrest a situation before it gets out of hand.

Where the real 911 comes in to execution is in hotels, nursing homes and hospitals. Whether it’s two in the morning or late afternoon in the waiting room of a hospital, or a hotel room, these establishments cannot just be shut down, or put on hold to wait for service. There are people constantly moving around, coming, and going in these facilities and the areas of concern have to be addressed, contained and taken care of immediately.

He admits answering the phone 24/7 sometimes puts a damper on him and his team’s lives on many occasions, but the help they provide for people outweigh the inconvenience. Most importantly, they stop bed bugs in their tracks when first discovered so that more people are safe from talking them home.

You can always depend on ACES Pest Solutions to come to your Bed Bug 911!


American Bed Bug Snipers Uncompromising Warriors of Valor

If there were ever a movie that every America citizen should see, it is the American Sniper.

Better yet, read the book. It has such a powerfully strong message that you will find yourself in reverence over the unfathomable courage and astonishing valor of this Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle.

This hero, considered the most lethal and deadliest Sniper ever in U.S. Military history and known as “the devil” to our adversaries, placed God, his country, and fellow man first in his life. Humbly, he never saw himself as a hero; to him he was just doing his job, and attributed greatness to his Navy SEAL teams.

As Mark Lee Greenblatt tells it, “His dedication to his fellow American troops was intense and overpowering. On several well-documented occasions, he deliberately put his life in grave danger to save other Americans. Protecting American lives was his driving force”. http://www.military.com/special-operations/two-chris-kyle-stories-you-wont-see-in-american-sniper.html?comp=7000023980649&rank=3

Protecting the freedom of our country takes greatness, dedication, bravery and unquestionable valor. Stories like this heroism by American protagonists fills history books throughout generations (American Revolutionary, Civil and World Wars, Vietnam to terrorist wars of today) With the brutal realities of wars like this, my heart is eternally grateful for the sacrifice of our service men and women that died so you and I can enjoy perpetuity of our great nation.

Although everyone has a hero inside of him or her in some way, not everyone is “cut out” to be a leader. It takes deep desire, passion, and courage with tenacity the strength of a bull to be the one to step up when others won’t or can’t.

While reading the book American Sniper, I couldn’t help but think of our “American Bed Bug Snipers”. Ok American Bed Bug Snipers “pales in comparison” to this movie but in the spirit of gallantry, I have personally experienced so many acts from “Uncompromising Warriors of Valor”, when it comes to caring for bed bug victims.

Many of our IBBRA members are US veterans and I am honored to work with such dedicated, likeminded individuals as they are. Because of their highly specialized training and use of precision applications, this experience transfers over in their work ethics. Even though the others may not have served in the military, they too are soldiers in their logistics thinking and they combat bed bugs like Master Gunnery Sergeants.

Much like a sniper accounting for wind velocity and bullet rotation, proper treatment deployment for bed bug jobs of today takes intellectual and diagnostic reasoning and planning which these men and women incorporate with each job.

Anyone can fill up a sprayer with pesticide, squirt baseboards, dust cracks and crevices and slip a couple of encasements on but as we see it, many in the industry doing this still struggle with complete elimination of bed bugs. Don’t think that bed bug infestations are only a nightmare for clients, pest control technicians go through nightmares as well! It is after several callbacks and only through sheer resolve; they ever put an end to the evil nightmare for their clients and themselves.

Going to war against bed bugs takes strategic planning, asking many questions and covering a full detailed list of observations before anyone could ever start a job. From the first complaint, to questions and investigation, to proper inspection, to treatment through follow-up, and without question, knowing and identifying obstacles before a job starts can help avoid the impeding of a job in progress.

Like our American hero Chris Kyle fighting for our freedom and his brothers, the IBBRA members are fighting to protect families from bed bugs. Thanks to all for the amazing dedication!