Early Detection Bed Bug Posters Making a Big Hit!

Bed Bug Poster EnglishI often hear from pest control companies, how do I let people know that I do bed bugs?

Sure, you can leave it up to people to find you online or in the yellow pages (which we all know isn’t the best because there is so much competition).

So how would people know you can help them or specialize in bed bugs if you don’t tell them?

These posters were built with two things in mind.

One, to make people aware of the signs and symptoms of bed bugs, show them what they look like, where to look and have them acknowledge the fact that they might just have them. (for those not affected by bites)

The second reason, was for pest control to make an appearance, hand them a tool that helps clients best understand and know where to call if they should encounter bed bugs.

Having your contact information on one of the best visuals used in offices, gyms, schools, churches, hotels, and businesses is a no brainer for when someone is looking at the poster and finds your contact information on the bottom.

Previously only available to IBBRA members, are now available to all!

They come in packages of 200 – $1.00 each, flat shipping rate of $13.45

This inexpensive advertising couldn’t be more valuable to both you and your clients.

The posters are 11″ x 17″, full color, glossy with a perfect place on the bottom right to place a sticker, staple a business card or write your company contact information.

Write contact@ibbra.org to place your order or call 888-966-2332


Call an IBBRA member to order yours.

Help create massive public awareness across our nation.

We are here to help!

(Coming soon – Spanish version)