Our mission is to serve as an authoritative voice for both the consumer and pest control industry in regards to bed bugs. Through fostering a concerted effort of global public awareness and education, coupled with our effort to raise professional ethics and standards, our goal is to enhance environmental stewardship and improve the quality of life for the public.

“Early Detection is Everything and Education gets you There!” D Donovan

History and Development of the IBBRA 

In early 2009, the Southern California Bed Bug Task Force (SCBBTF) was developed by Denise Donovan. Due to the overwhelming exponential growth of bed bugs and the demands from the consumer, the SCBBTF was forced to expand and bring their services to a National then International level.

The International Bed Bug Resource Authority Inc. (IBBRA) was born and has become an industry leader who has proudly served thousands of bed bug victims. Armed with a Professional Scientific Advisory Board comprised of internationally recognized entomologists, doctors and scientists; each of these expert board members have dedicated their careers to research, prevention, education and the elimination of bed bugs. Collectively, this team of professionals represents the most talented and well equipped group in the world to help tackle the looming worldwide pandemic return of bed bugs.

The IBBRA Inc. provides a Bed Bug Crisis Hotline and has developed a Layered Defense Strategy  for the Hospitality industry in conjunction with our unique 3 step process; which allows anyone to educate themselves about bed bugs, evaluate their individual problem, and initiate a plan of action for the proper elimination.

What we do:

We are proud to have built IBBRA as an International Bed Bug Resource Authority provider with hundreds of years of experience amongst the collective advisory board bed bug management leadership team. Our goal is to provide ethical professional bed bug professionals while creating a massive bed bug awareness worldwide.

We are on the threshold of a global bed bug pandemic and realize an urgent need for public awareness and training for prevention. Aware citizens play a crucial role in helping to keep the infestations from growing. We are here to help develop and catapult this awareness worldwide. The IBBRA has successfully positioned itself as a “strategic partner” between consumers and industry experts. Our ability to successfully organize and bring our platform to the consumers is now embraced throughout the world.

We maintain a network of experienced bed bug pest control management teams and an accredited product certification platform, to provide smart solutions that ignite and coordinate activities at every stage of the bed bug remediation process.

To date:

You can find all of the here

The IBBRA helps you make the right decisions based on informed decisions and helps to generate innovative proposals that match the needs of both property management and bed bug victims

Already used by many bed bug victims, IBBRA provides the help of some of the world’s leading bed bug management companies that have built a framework designed to help customers at the critical junctures of the bed bug education and remediation process.



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