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Having excessive amounts of bed bugs in any environment comes with great responsibility towards keeping customers, patrons, guests, employees or tenants and their families protected and safe from falling victim to them.

Although most ethical and reliable companies will do the right thing; many times these situations are ignored and people get hurt because of ignorance, negligence or down right refusal to right the wrong.

After exhausting all attempts of proper communication regarding bad bed bug situations; victims sometimes need someone well versed in consumer protection law violations, personal injury and premise liability to step in and help them best understand what needs to be done to resolve a situation.

Understand that not all bed bug infestations qualify as a legal matter that would entitle someone to seek compensation. This is not about suing anyone and everyone because of a bed bug bite. We offer this resource to those who have exhausted every possible attempt to work with those who are responsible and have sustained injuries and/or damages resulting in physical or psychological problems, lost wages, and medical bills, damage to personal property, remediation expenses and extermination bills and cannot come to an equitable resolution.

If you have been damaged or injured as a result of direct exposure to bed bugs in any of these situations, contact for a free consultation.

In many of these situations, a simple letter of understanding is enough to address the situation in a way that brings a new reality to the forefront and allows those the opportunity to get it right.

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