Take the Proper Steps to Prevent Bed Bugs From Invading Your Home or Business with a bed bug book!

Discover the Methods and Secrets that Bed Bug Pest Professionals Know and Use!

For Hotels and Multi-unit properties. Learn Vital Techniques in Building a “Layered Defense Strategy©”

How Important Is Preventing Bed Bugs To You?

  • Have your friends experienced bed bugs and you fear it happening to you and your family?
  • Do you pray daily that you or your family doesn’t pick up a bed bug hitchhiker that may go unnoticed for months?

We get thousands of Bed Bug Hotline calls from people who never thought they would ever fall victim to bed bugs.

Increase your odds of preventing bed bugs by learning what we are up against.

In Short – Are You Prepared To Battle Bed Bugs On Your Own?

Learn in easy to understand language why bed bugs have resurged and what we are up against. Each book is designed to answer some of the toughest bed bug questions that include how to identify if you have bed bugs, how to be proactive in preventing them, how to pack before travel and safe methods and treatment options should you have them.

Learn what to do BEFORE bed bugs bring their ugly, destructive, presence in your life!

Do you know how YOU are at risk for bed bugs?

Yes YOU! Every living human being that has blood running through their veins is at risk for hitchhiking bed bugs. Now I don’t know about you but I believe that includes 7 Billion people worldwide.

No – you’re not exempt. Bed bugs don’t care if you are rich or poor, what color or creed you are. This vital information assures you will be armed with the knowledge you need before you acquire bed bugs and the knowledge you need to avoid them!

book1In her first book, Bed Bugs Gone Completely Wild, [which has reached the eyes of  over 30 thousand people], Denise showed the world how to outsmart the bed bug by exposing all their dirty secrets. She exposed their physical characteristics, hiding places, their feeding patterns, how they grab a ride home with you, who’s at risk, what they like and dislike and how to render them helpless.

Now the whole expanded series is available at pennies on the dollar!

Bed Bug Basics: Learn all about Bed Bugs, the challenges and why they are considered a “Game Changer” in the Pest…

Learn the importance of bed bug education and why they have become one of the biggest game changers in the pest control industry. The future of bed bugs and their invasion depends on people and what they know about them. This book is a must read for all!

Can you identify a bed bug from other insects? Do you know where they hide?

Do you know what NOT TO DO when it comes to trying to self treat?

Think like a Bed BugThink…like a Bed Bug: Understanding Bed Bugs

Sometimes months pass where a family is trying to figure out what it is that is biting them because they don’t know what bed bugs look like or the signs of them. One of the most important books you will ever read to help you understand a historical pattern of what we can expect with bed bugs in the near future. This is information you need so they don’t take up residence with you. Early detection plays the most significant role as without educated and informed consumers, control cannot be easily achieved. Think like a Bed Bug was written for quick and easy understanding as you take the bed bug journey and discover what they look like and see why they are one of, if not the toughest pests ever to eliminate.

Do you travel for a living or vacation often? 

Don’t find out months after a trip that you brought a bed bug hitchhiker home!

Get the bed bug book!

travel book cover front



Bed Bugs Travelers Handbook: Protecting yourself from bed bug hitchhikers when you travel

This book is a must read for anyone who travels anywhere! A common hotline call would be from a person or family staying in a hotel and waking up with mysterious bites all over their bodies. Bed Bugs Travelers Handbook teaches you how to recognize if bed bugs are present in locations you may be traveling to and from and how to prevent from bringing them home with you.

Before you travel, learn techniques to pack properly. The fact remains that even you can pick up a hitchhiker while on the way to your destination from the plane, limo, taxi or previous hotel stay.


Are Bed Bugs Biting Your Pocketbook?

Bed Bugs – Safe – Do It Yourself Treatment Methods and Options for Homeowners

This book was written and is intended to assist anyone undertaking the challenge of dealing with a bed bug situation and prefer to self-treat. These treatment options and methods were compiled in collaboration with members of the IBBRA who are leading bed bug pest management professionals. The greatest concern with do-it-yourself bed bug control is brought on by the mis-use of chemical pesticides used by the general public which are at best moderately effective at controlling these pests. This book teaches you step by step what to do and most importantly what not to do!

Whether you’re a Landlord, Property Manager or Tenant, bed bugs continue to be a problem.

Don’t get caught up in the blame game!





Bed Bugs for Landlords, Tenants and Property Management: Concerns, Challenges, Education and Prevention for Landlords…

In this book the issue of bed bug infestations are explored from several unique perspectives, including; history, identification, health, environmental, legal, control methods and economic consequences for all. The fact is that we are still in the very beginning stages of global public bed bug education efforts. Because of this, the numbers of bed bugs are continuing to proliferate at record speeds and the number of requests for bed bug treatments is increasing daily. It isn’t management that puts bed bugs into their units; yet they are burdened with having to fix the problem or face a law suit.

As these lawsuits increase, landlords are moving towards holding tenants responsible and society is now starting to feel the financial burden and hardship of bed bug infestations regularly. The economic losses from treatments for elimination, replacement of belongings, health care, lost wages, lost business revenues and reduced productivity, are staggering. Also, when one member of a family has bed bugs, other family members and friends have to take extra precautions when visiting in order to avoid transferring the infestation. Resistance to common used insecticides requires awareness, new methodologies and detailed approaches to combat bed bugs successfully.

Bed Bugs and Hospitality – Don’t be forced to deal with it unprepared.

cover hos




Bed Bugs Hospitality and Risk Management: “Reducing the Risk of a Bed Bug Lawsuit”

The purpose of this publication is to provide risk education and training to hotels, hostels and other multi-unit properties on one of the most difficult pests to eliminate, bed bugs. Learn what it takes to reduce the risk of law suits and how to be prepared if one should occur. As you will learn in this book, control of bed bugs is a complex procedure and requires the cooperation of all stakeholders. The stigma attached to these blood sucking parasites is causing some hotels and landlords to ignore infestations or treat them without professional help using products used for many other pests. Lack of professional treatment comes with great risks, notably the possibility of litigation. In the past few years bed bugs have caused an extreme financial risk for the hospitality industry.

Early infestations are small and are relatively simple to eliminate but as populations increase, they spread and control becomes more complex and more expensive. With all the media attention there is no excuse for ignorance or denial. Bed bugs don’t and won’t go away on their own and depending on the size of the property, one serious law suit can send you spiraling down a financial whole. It isn’t what you see that hurts you – it’s what you can’t see. In an effort to keep bed bug experiences away from the news or the internet, many companies arrange for “financial perks” including a day of golf, spa, free meals, or free nights rent for their bed bug bitten guests. Even with all these free perks in place, law suits are brought upon many companies. People who take bed bugs home with them place blame on hotels for incurring thousands of dollars in pest control treatments, replacement of furniture, mental anguish, doctor visits and negligence on the part of the hotel management company.

Are you being bitten but can’t find signs of bugs?

Are you thinking about starting a bed bug detection business?

Detection Dogs




Bed Bug Scent Detection Dogs

Take a journey into the sophisticated and sensitive olfactory of the dogs’ nose that has become the latest war on bed bugs!

Having written the first book dedicated specific to bed bug detection, Denise’s insight and experience helps the amateur when making the decision to embark on a career in the bed bug business and the public in making sound decisions when hiring a detection team. She embraces the fact that the industry is still evolving and learning from its early mistakes and you will learn why.

Military and law enforcement have utilized dogs for decades to find drugs, bombs, cadavers, and most recent, chemical weapons. Although the sky is the limit when it comes to training dogs for a multitude of substances, not all dogs are suitable for scent training and you will find out why.

The book is packed full of information on the incredible contributions of bed bug scent detection dogs and the important role these dogs play in the scope of early bed bug detection and post treatment inspections.

You will learn the history of scent detection right through the training and hiring of these amazing dogs:

  • As an added bonus- a co-authored chapter by the Director of the Canine Enforcement, Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, Lee T. Titus, on Conditioning and Odor Detection – Evolution – the Science behind the “Scent”
  • Bed Bug Detection Dogs Capabilities – Bed Bug Dogs vs Human Detection – Benefits of a Bed Bug Detection Dog – How to choose the right Trainer and Dog – Trainer Reputation – Industry Business Trend vs. Aspired Vocation
  • How are Bed Bug Detection Dogs Chosen? – Certification of Bed Bug Scent Detection Dogs – Bad Dogs – Bad Dogs – What’s Ya Gonna Do? – The Training Process – Obedience Training – The Process of the Working “Team” – Questions to ask of your Detection “Team”
  • For the Public: Bed Bug Detecting Canine Pre-Inspection Checklist – What you can expect with Bed Bug Detection Teams and what critically important questions to ask when choosing a scent team to inspect your premises.
  • More than one Dog – Confirmed Finds – Real Estate – Pre-move in or move-out inspection capabilities

Learn which products professionals use and what not to use!

Professional Bed Bug Control: A Comprehensive Guide to Professional Bed Bug Control Products and Methods

Learn why you can’t just “spray” away bed bugs. Uncover the reasons why insecticides alone do not fully eliminate bed bugs. Find out which products and methods “spread” the problem and not resolve it. Identify if you are getting your “leg pulled” from someone trying to sell you on bed bug solutions. Take a glimpse of which products and methods to stay away from and the reasons why. Discover the products that are used with great success! Learn which products and methods create a synergy that works well for bed bugs.

Discover the physical and emotional affects of the bug that will be with us for many years to come!

Bed Bugs Health Effects: Physical and Mental Health Implication of Bed Bugs

Aside from deleting pocketbooks and driving people to tears, bed bugs have been accused of fueling hypochondria, insomnia and neurotic behavior. Due to the decline of bed bugs for the past several decades, research on public health effects of bed bugs has been very limited. Bed bugs can have a devastating effect emotionally as well as physically for their victims and in order to fully grasp the magnitude of the impact that bed bugs have on public health, it is important to understand bed bugs and their nature. Bed Bugs can cause a variety of negative physical, mental and economic consequences with the potential to cause significant changes to the overall quality of life for those who are affected by bed bugs.

Although not all people are affected the same, some may experience a multitude of health and mental related problems. Similar to lice, bed bugs are blood-sucking ectoparasites that feed exclusively on blood. Bed bugs are not known to be vectors or transmit disease, but they have become a pest of significant public health importance for many reasons which we will cover in the book.

The presence of bed bugs can make a stable or normal person experience psychological disturbances and when a person that already suffers from daily psychological problems, bed bugs exacerbate the problems. In keeping this in perspective and written with the intentions of “Be Aware – Not Scare”, in the pages of this book you will find mental and physical challenges that bed bugs present for some and the symptoms associated with those who live with them.

Bed bugs don’t care what language you speak…

Spanish Front Cover




El ABC de la Chinche de las camas: APRENDE Cómo evitar que las chinches te piquen en la cama (Spanish Edition)…

Tal como aprenderás, cualquiera puede ser víctima de las chinches. Escribí este libro porque yo fui una víctima de ellas. Este incidente me llevó a emprender años de extensa investigación y a reunir un equipo de científicos de renombre, entomólogos y especialistas del control de plagas, para guiarnos a través del devastador mundo de los ataques de las chinches de las camas y, al mismo tiempo, para infundirnos la confianza de que tirarlo todo, después de un ataque, no es necesariamente la solución correcta al problema. Además han surgido personas con soluciones contraproducentes o incluso peligrosas. Estas “soluciones” han puesto su salud potencialmente en peligro y han puesto en peligro a otros a la vez que sus problemas de chinches se volvían incluso más graves. Lo cierto es que ésta es una nueva era en control de plagas y se va a tardar tiempo antes de que se entiendan totalmente las implicaciones de las chinches y su resurgir en todo el mundo.

Tengo el honor de trabajar con algunos de los principales entomólogos y asesores de empresas de control de plagas de chinches de todo el mundo, y el privilegio de estar al corriente de las soluciones y de las técnicas de prevención más punteras. Deseo que mi energía y mi pasión sean vivas y visibles en este libro, y que sea una influencia positiva en tu vida. Simplemente el hecho de que tengas chinches no significa que estés condenado para siempre. Si entiendes la naturaleza de la chinche de las camas, este libro te ayudará a cambiar tus hábitos para tratarla y evitarla con éxito en el futuro. Con ánimo de compartir el conocimiento, te ruego que compartas con tus seres queridos, parientes, amigos y compañeros de trabajo todos los nuevos conocimientos sobre las chinches de las camas que encuentres en este libro. Juntos saldremos ganando.

The newest companion bed bug book to the Bedbugdot Early-warning Detection System!

Bedbugdot Early-warning Detection System

Staying on top of whether bed bugs enter your life or not depends upon education and awareness. Many people go months before they notice whether they have bed bugs and by then it has already built into infestation levels. The cost for the elimination of bed bugs can be unbearable for many. The bedbugdot is a solution to the problem. Bedbugdot, is a discreet, maintenance-free, early-warning detection system of choice by pest control, hotels and homes everywhere! Early detection is required to prevent and eliminate bed bugs before the problem has an opportunity to grow and spread. The bedbugdot provides: 24 Hour Bed Bug Awareness! Learn Bed Bugs Hot Spots! Find Bed Bugs before an Infestation can build! This book is a companion to the bedbugdot system.

2017 addition to the series is “How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in a Tight Budget” for those who cannot afford the services of a professional.

Now Things Are Even Easier… It’s Automatic Download…

That’s Right. Now, You Can Get Automatic Kindle Versions of All the Bed Bug Chronicles Written By One of The Top Authorities In The World…In Your Hands…Produced In Just Minutes!

Denise has taken her books and integrated it with an easy to order and download piece of online software called Kindle. Using Kindle, you can now tap into each of her books without waiting for a paperback to be delivered to your door.

The Bed Bug Series That Puts You Ahead Of The Learning Curve With Bed Bugs.