Here is a great collection of bed bug photos from a few of our own Advisory and Service Provider Board Members, Richard Naylor, Lou Sorkin and David Mora

IBBRA LIFE CYCLE   The Life Cycle of Bed Bugs

bed bug feeding   Adult bed bug having a blood meal on human skin

bb4   A close up of a bed bug without a blood meal (notice how flat the body is)

gallery38   Close up of the head of a nymph bed bug

bb   A group of bed bug nymphs (instars) with full blood meals

Bed Bug News paper Richard Naylor   A bed bug infestation on a news paper

Bed bugs on Bed Frame Bed bugs in a child’s bed frame

under couch   A bed bug infestation under a couch leg

00huevos-post-calor-1g  Bed bug eggs

BedBugWithEggsClothingSmall Bed bugs in Clothing

Bed Bug photo collection from Lou Sorkin Click here.