Biggest Bed Bug Secret –

Anytime bed bugs enter our lives is an unlucky time, but during winter it adds even more stress.


Parts of the US experience freezing temperatures for months on end.


When temperatures plummet, bed bugs still enjoy the warm temperature of our homes.


Bed Bugs Cause Emotional and Financial Stress


It’s well known that treating for bed bugs is a chore.


Especially if you’re having a chemical treatment done.


It takes dismantling whole rooms while going through boxes of accumulated stuff to get rid of clutter. Then, washing and bagging everything in drawers and emptying whole closets.


Not to mention, this goes on for weeks while your whole life is turned topsy turvy.


And it’s not something anyone would want to do during the holidays, that’s for sure.


If you decide to do it yourself, on top of all this above, you have added challenges. You need to know how to apply all the elements of elimination properly.


You have to know the life cycle and nature of the bed bug. All of this is needed, so that you provide a good killing action for all stages of their life cycle.


If you don’t know these things, please do not attempt to do it yourself.


Living on a Shoe String


The staggering amount of families in the US that make less than 40,000 is growing, as the middle class is diminishing.


A recent caller from New York sobbed while she explained her electric bill was tripled.


However, keeping her family warm took precedence over trying to afford a professional to get rid of bed bugs. She needed help and was begging for a solution.


Getting to People BEFORE a Bed Bug Solution is Needed


If only we could reach the majority of people to teach them the secret to avoiding bed bugs in the first place. Ah, in a perfect world!


It’s no different than getting those with type 2 diabetes and obesity to watch what they’re eating.


None of this is rocket science but it does take education.


People tend to wait until they have the problem before they start paying attention.


And when speaking with many of them, they have that Aha moment only after they’ve exhausted fruitless attempts of elimination.


Biggest Bed Bug Secret


Bed bugs are easy to get rid of when they are first introduced.


So, doing regular inspections alone, is the number one biggest secret to bed bugs.


Find them early and you’ll NEVER have an infestation.


Problem: People tend not to notice bed bug problems because they don’t tend to their beds regularly.


Change your sheets often!


Whether or not you are affected by bed bug bites, you still need to check for them on a regularly.


This is something that people need to be doing weekly, if not more.


Especially important when apartment living or a large family with lots of people coming and going.


Because bed bugs can be picked up anywhere, at any time, one or two can easily make it into your beds.


Finding Signs of Bed Bugs


Lucky you! You found early signs of bed bugs. To me, that means that you reviewed educational materials and know the signs of them.


Now What?


If affordability is a problem, you do have options. But, there are a few things that you need to know before you start tearing everything apart.


Disturbing bed bugs will spread them to other places. Be very cautious not to.


Don’t Throw Away Your Furniture!


There is absolutely no reason to throw away your furniture because you saw a bug.


Everything is treatable.


Besides, while dragging your items out of the house, you may drop a bed bug in other areas of your house.


Don’t Use Bed Bug Bombs!


They don’t work and will spread them. Recently, a person used nine [9] of them in the attempts of getting rid of bed bugs. It caused a lethal explosion that blew out windows and killed their cat.


Don’t Use Store Bought Sprays!


Most of the sprays on the market are contact killers and unless you spray the bug direct, they are useless.


Also, bed bugs have developed a resistance to most of the commonly used pesticides and fail in killing the bed bugs. And last, these sprays do not kill the egg stage and will only leave them behind to hatch.


Learn the Professional and Safe Way of Eliminating Bed Bugs


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