Staying Calm in the Midst of Bed Bug Chaos

Staying Calm in the Midst of Bed Bug Chaos

Staying calm in the midst of bed bug chaos is a challenge for many.


People read articles and posts on the internet and feel that their life is now doomed because they found a bed bug.


People feel lost, they are full of questions, doubts, fears, shame, and embarrassment.


Whether it’s bed bug or not, often it sends people into an all-consuming tailspin assuming the worst.


Upon these assumptions, people throw away their lives possessions.


Some people place things in storage.


People soak their homes with layers of pesticides, alcohols, dusts or essential oils.


And in some cases, some people move thinking they’ll leave them behind.


The mere thought of bed bugs, overruns any common sense and drives people to do things they would never do.


When these types of calls come into our hotline, I can always tell who’s been reading internet stories.


Most confess they hadn’t slept in days because they are up all night with flashlight in hand.


Where Do They Come From?


Some environments such as multi-unit living, are at higher risk than single households.


But then again, if you have a busy household with people coming and going, your risks can be higher.


People with vocations that serve others in their homes can be of great risk.


We’re All a Little Crazy at Times


Welcome to the world of humans.


Today’s world is full of information overload and isn’t easy.


Most of us feel a little crazy from time to time.


Bed bugs stress can make you feel like you are losing your mind.


Regardless of what signs are right in front of your face, some people remain in denial.


When Concerns Need Validation and Support


The story we make up in our mind influences the way we react to difficult times, loses and stresses.


Everyone reacts in a different way to accidents, deaths, loss of income and illnesses.


But, bed bugs are part of 900 thousand different kinds of living insects known (1) that we share this earth with.


Some people lose sleep because they “think” they saw a bed bug.


And doctors prescribe anxiety pills for stress relief, antidepressant medications and more.


Staying Calm in The Midst of Bed Bug Chaos


Step back, take a deep cleansing breath or two, so you can decide what course of action to take, if any.


Let go of self-sabotaging ideas and check the situation before reacting.


  • Do you have a reaction from food?
  • How about a new lotion or product?
  • Could the bites be from fleas or mosquitoes?
  • Could you have bed bugs?
  • Have you been outside? (park, fair, picnic)
  • Have you traveled recently?
  • Had traveling visitors?
  • Had an overnight guest?
  • Bought something from a secondhand store?
  • Do you take the bus, subway or train?
  • Have a high-risk vocation?
  • Work in high risk environments?
  • Have a friend that has bed bugs?
  • Kids that go to daycare or school?
  • Have a student come home from college?
  • Do you live in a multi-unit property with many other people?
  • Have you found any signs?


There are a multitude of places where bed bugs transfer so don’t think you are immune to them.


Anyone, at any time, can pick one up.

Bugs are Everywhere!


Our homes are not completely sealed from the outdoors.


Many insects and spiders live between our walls, attics and crawl spaces.


Most go completely unnoticed unless they cause noticeable damage to building materials.


Some can make their way into our homes and bite us or our pets or feed on food that we leave out.


Bed bugs hitchhike in on personal items.


One bed bug is not an infestation.


We don’t need to be afraid of them.


Bed bugs don’t jump.


Bed bugs don’t fly.


They don’t “stick” to your skin or hair, and they don’t move very fast.


But, we need to know how we get them, when they are present, how long they’ve been present.


And, do what it takes to prevent or get rid of them.


How Hard is it to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?


That all depends upon at what stage you discover them and if you’ve already sprayed or dusted or bombed.


The longer you have them, the more difficult they are to get rid of.


And you may have moved them to other places in your dwelling on articles or personal belongings.


If you discover them early it’s so much easier than if one were to allow infestations to build.


Infestations take time to build.


A single female bed bug can begin laying eggs that take 7 to 10 days to hatch.


It takes another (approx.) 21-39 days to grow through all stages of development.


You now have more breeding adults. [of course, with regular blood meals and proper temperatures and humidity].


A couple of these breeding cycles can yield a couple hundred or more.


Finding The Early


One the biggest problems most people have is not knowing when they or someone else introduced a bed bug.


Suppose you’ve returned from a trip and a bed bug hitchhiker found its way on to your luggage or an article of clothing.


You place your things in your room when you get home.


Before long, it crawls off only to find its way into your bed for a blood meal and good night’s rest.


It’s can be maddening when you’re bitten on a regular basis and you don’t know what’s biting you.


Most people assume mosquitoes or fleas at first.


Since they are familiar with those types of bugs, they don’t give it another thought.


The Problem Lies in Their Cryptic Nature


Even an experienced professional has a hard time finding bed bug when first introduced.


It’s like a needle in a haystack.


But that doesn’t mean, that an experienced bed bug professional can’t help you put the pieces together.


Be prepared to answer all kinds of questions.


A client told me she had a company come out 3-months ago to check for bed bugs.


They found nothing.


The bites continued.


Here it is 3 months later and she’s still getting bitten.


I asked her, “Did you call them in for another check-up within the past few months?”


She said, “No.”


BIG mistake!


Bring in the Dogs!


When bites continue and you can’t find bed bugs, bring in the dogs.


Canines are trained just like drug or bomb dogs.


They can find bed bugs where humans can’t and are well worth the money to find bed bugs early.


You can find these qualified teams on our web site at in the service provider section.


Or you can give us a call and we will find a qualified team near you if available.


Infestations Take Time


In a matter of a couple breeding cycles, you’ll begin to discover signs of them.


Infestations show fecal stains, clusters of shed skins and bed bugs in all stages that are not hard to miss.


Depending upon the amount of these found, a trained professional will be able to tell you approximately how long you’ve had.


So, What Do You Do if You Discover You Have Bed Bugs?


As with any insect or bug, the choice is up to you whether you go with a professional or attempt to do it yourself.


I always tell people if you’ve had bed bugs for more than a few months, call in a pro.


Because by then, the likelihood of you getting rid of them becomes less and less, every day.


You don’t know their nature, you don’t know where to look and you don’t understand the methods and process of getting rid of them.


Furthermore, by then, you’ve probably used all kinds of store bought pest control products that have spread them everywhere!


If you suspect you’ve just introduced them, you can always read, “How to get Rid of Bed Bugs on a Tight Budget.”


This book takes you by the hand and walks you through a simple process so it doesn’t build into infestation levels.


Affordability Issues


One of the most serious bed bug problems we have here in the United States is the lack of funds to afford a professional treatment.


Treating for bed bugs can be costly, and the salient point is, many people can’t afford to write a check for hundreds or thousands of dollars.


We get calls all the time from people asking if there is a service or resource to help with the cost of bed bug treatment.


Most of these people are on “limited incomes scarcely staying afloat on the fringes of society”.


Because bed bugs are not known vectors, the government doesn’t help with the bill and you’re on your own.


“Bed Bug Education Will Never be as Expensive as Bed Bug Ignorance” D. Donovan


Remember, bed bugs are only chaotic if you allow them to build into an infestation.


  • Infestations are preventable.
  • Learn all you can about bed bugs.
  • Share information you learn about bed bugs with friends, family and those at work.
  • Talk about bed bugs!
  • Avoid high risk places.
  • Be aware and careful of what you or anyone else brings into your home.
  • Be observant and preventative.
  • Get rid of, organize or clean up any clutter.
  • Check your beds, change your sheets on a regular basis, look for signs.
  • Use a steamer every time you clean. [bed bugs succumb to heat].
  • When returning home, when in doubt – change your clothing and put items into a dryer.
  • Things that can’t go into a dryer can be placed into a ZappBug


If you need an experienced professional


Or give us a call! 888-966-2332


If you suspect, can’t afford a pro and don’t know what to do “How to Get Rid of Bed Bug on a Tight Budget”.


We are always here to help!

Bed Bug Lessons for the Newbie Landlord -Part 2

Bed Bug Lessons for the Newbie Landlord -Part 2

Bed Bug Lessons for the Newbie Landlord – Part 2


Bed Bug infestations don’t happen overnight.


The average time from “introduction” of one female that lays eggs, to an early infestation level is approximately 9-12 weeks with regular blood meals, proper temperatures and humidity.


It’s always wise to address them as early as possible to avoid a full-fledged infestation.


If a tenant has bed bugs for a period of around 6 months, they’ve had the chance to go through many breeding cycles and begin their exponential growth.


Unlike other bugs, bed bugs are cryptic in nature and don’t hang out like other bugs do.


To begin with, and as a survival mechanism, they tend to stay close to where they can get regular blood meals.


That happens to be in beds or places where they have easy access to a blood meal such as easy chairs and recliners. [or other places where people tend to spend time resting]


They don’t want to be across the room in your desk or dresser drawers or closets. [unless you move them there].


The female likes to lay her eggs so that the miniscule, vulnerable baby doesn’t have far to go to reach its first meal.


Once disturbed, they will find other places to hide. [behind baseboards, wallboards, under carpet tack strips, window edges, floor boards]


So, its important to acknowledge first signs of bed bugs [bites, stains, cast skins], and deal with them before they have the chance to grow and spread.


How to Keep the Infestations from Spreading


What You Need to Do


Whether your doing-it-yourself or not, don’t attempt it without knowing what you are doing.


These are not your average bug.


First, call one of our experienced IBBRA bed bug experts.


They should be able to provide you our Layered Defense Strategy©.


This will cover both proactive and preventative protocols.


Not all pest control companies have this information or experience.


Second, make sure you have a plan in place.


Educate your management group, maintenance team and your tenants.


Don’t avoid talking about bed bugs.


Ignoring them will only make it worse.


Next, create a hierarchy within your organization.


Who does what, when and why.


Whenever you should get a complaint, always, always, always, have surrounding units inspected. [regardless of fear, guilt, shame or embarrassment]


Get over it! I cannot stress this more.


There is nothing shameful about someone picking up a bed bug hitchhiker.


Just like fleas, flies, mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches; they are a fact of life.


And, the #1 reason bed bugs spread is, treating a single unit. [without inspecting surrounding units]


Bed Bug Lawsuit Risks Are on the Rise


America’s landlords are experiencing huge lawsuits over:


  • Ignoring bed bug problems in their properties
  • Neglecting to completely rid the bed bug problem
  • Allowing tenants to move into already infested units
  • Tenants getting sick from pesticides


And, if you’re not doing regular inspections, how would you know if your units have bed bugs?


Absentee Landlords – Out of Sight – Out of Mind


Many property owners invest in properties in other states.


They hire management groups to maintain the property and collect rents.


These management groups get paid a percentage and must follow budgets.


If they stay in budget, at the end of the year, they get a bonus.


When bed bugs get out of hand, they can cost a pretty penny and carve into that budget.


We’ve seen many of these management groups cut corners by using a band-aid approach to stay in budget.


If you have a management group without a program in place, you risk bed bugs popping up all over the building.


And without further ado, a serious drain in your budget.


Band-aids Approaches Don’t Work for Bed Bugs!


If your management group lacks bed bug education, they can cause you plenty of problems.




  • Train and create a hierarchy
  • Put a prevention program in place
  • Have policies and procedures in place
  • And have REGULAR inspections!


Tenant Education


Your tenants are as human as you and their risk is no different than yours.


Handing a piece of paper with limited bed bug information will find its way unread, in the middle of the lease papers, tucked away in someone’s desk drawer.


Owners are not making it part of their protocols.


What smart landlords are doing is addressing bed bugs up front with their tenants.


Many landlords direct their tenants to read “Think like a Bed Bug” for bed bug awareness with their tenants. It’s FREE in Amazon Kindle.


New Tenants


Ask lots of questions:


  • Have you ever had bed bugs before?
  • How bad was the problem?
  • How long ago was the problem?
  • When is the last time you had your belongings checked for bed bugs?


Give all your tenant’s educational policy and procedures materials. Cover all aspects of bed bugs including risks and what NOT TO DO should they suspect them.


Take the shame and blame away from your tenants.


You will find they are more likely to not fear you and come to you with a problem before it gets out of hand.


In part 3, we will share a lesson well learned by a property owner and his bed bug experience.


We’re here to help! Bed Bug Hotline 888-966-2332


9th Annual IBBRA International Bed Bug Awareness April 2018

9th Annual IBBRA International Bed Bug Awareness April 2018

9th Annual IBBRA International Bed Bug Awareness April 2018

In March of 2009, the International Bed Bug Resource Authority (IBBRA), successfully launched and celebrated their first official Bed Bug Awareness which made a difference in many people’s lives.

Raising this type of awareness is a habit for us.

And we find it important every day throughout the year.

The Bed Bug Hotline targets bed bug education to encompass a host of different living styles, settings and human behaviors habits.

The volume and intensity of bed bug infestations, accompanied by the amount of people affected worldwide, is surging by hundreds and thousands each year.

Many are still not aware that they could ever get bed bugs.

We hope that this greater awareness and knowledge will lead to earlier detection.

Doing so, results in less financial, social and emotional suffering.

As part of our combined Bed Bug Task Force we explore the various issues surrounding bed bugs.

With this, we are confident and expecting to encourage and empower the creation of new laws, policies and procedures to serve our communities.

Our Purpose

  • Raise awareness and support efforts of others to educate people about bed bugs, including risk factors, prevention and early detection
  • Support, assist, provide for, and encourage better leadership on joint federal, state, and local levels
  • Enhance legislative initiatives, organization and workforce strategies to best serve our communities
  • Share the IBBRA proven standards, policies, procedures and unbiased bed bug addendums for low housing and multi-unit rented properties
  • Help address and respond appropriately with a responsibility action, to any issue or event of bed bug infestation negligence which could cause harm to the public’s health
  • Educate and inform people to ask questions, and be able to recognize proper treatment solutions vs. those that are inappropriate or dangerous
  • Assist schools, churches and other organizations with the IBBRA’s “Be Aware – Not Scare” fundraiser program and “Lunch and Learns”
  • Assist those who have accomplished significant and successful actions that minimize negative impacts of bed bugs throughout their community. Pay tribute to recipients that have demonstrated a commitment to environmental stewardship through outstanding leadership
  • Empower everyone by uniting the caring power of people worldwide
  • Support others’ awareness efforts with a unified voice

Talk about bed bugs!

Teach people what NOT TO DO and assist them towards safe, efficacious treatment options.

We can’t do this alone!

How you can help

We’re are reaching out to all that know about bed bugs, have experienced bed bugs, kill or play with bed bugs, detect bed bugs, teach about bed bugs or just plain hate bed bugs to speak up and talk about them!

Share your knowledge or come to us for help.

We invite you to help Raise Bed Bug Awareness and please Contact Us for more information about ways to get involved!

Thank you for your interest and time!

Denise Donovan


International Bed Bug Resource Authority

Bed Bug Lessons for the Newbie Landlord -Part 1

Bed Bug Lessons for the Newbie Landlord -Part 1

Bed Bug Lessons for the Newbie Landlord -Part 1


So, you’re the newbie property owner on the block.


Now what?


With great interest rates, a low-down payment and occupied units, you can realize a nice income.


Yet, there are new lessons for the newbie landlord that may drain that income if you’re not cautious.


Here’s some bed bug lessons for the newbie landlord.


Creating a Safe Habitable Environment


Most seasoned landlords understand the Implied Warranty of Habitability.


In order not to breach this warranty, you as a new owner’s responsibility under this warranty is:


  • Maintain the property as required by housing code
  • Make necessary repairs to keep it habitable
  • And make sure that it remains habitable during the term of the lease


Meaning, everything offered must be in working condition.


These things include:

  • Hot and cold running water
  • Working appliances
  • Working electricity
  • Heat in the winter
  • Locking doors and windows
  • Working toilets
  • Smoke detectors
  • And more…

Moreover, the property must be free of pests like rats, cockroaches and now, bed bugs.


Big Concerns – Bed Bugs


With tenants, aside from getting a bad one, you have big concerns –bed bugs.


Forget the blame game or trying to hold the tenant financially responsible and realize anyone can get bed bugs at any time.


Even YOU!


Pointing the finger will ALWAYS backfire on you.


And here’s why:


  • It creates great shame and embarrassment for your tenant
  • Tenants feel dirty and ostracized
  • Tenants hide the fact they have them and self-treat
  • It’s hard to “prove” beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are responsible [of course unless you have a program in place]


We have seen this happen time and time again.


Understand that your tenants will come and go.


But, the property will remain yours to maintain with or without tenants.


How would you know if?


  • A previous tenant had bed bugs and even they didn’t know it?

o Many people are not affected by their bites.

And unless you inspect the unit for bed bugs BEFORE your tenant moves out and BEFORE you rent to a new tenant, you will be responsible.

  • How do you know that one of your maintenance workers didn’t bring a bed bug into a tenant’s unit?

o Maintenance may visit many units daily.

If they are not trained to look for the signs of bed bugs, they could transport them on their personal clothing.

  • How do you know if an adjoining unit doesn’t have a serious infestation? And now they are moving through the structures?

o If you’re not doing at least quarterly inspections, bed bugs can build into “infestation” levels.

  • What if common areas have a bed bug problem?

They are often found in laundry rooms, reading rooms, cubicles or chairs in lounging areas.


How Bed Bugs Take Over Whole Buildings


Failure to prepare your building and educate your staff and tenants for bed bugs can get you in trouble.


There are hundreds of buildings across the nation that now have serious “structural” bed bug problems.


This is because they didn’t learn how to get rid of bed bugs properly and didn’t pay attention to what they were doing.


You may even have an uneducated pest control company that treats only one unit at a time and doesn’t inspect surrounding units.


Remember, it only takes one female bed bug to begin what potentially can take over a whole building.


Things That Will Get You in Trouble


A common bed bug “knee jerk” reaction for a landlord is to spray chemicals as a solution.


After all, chemicals are the least expensive way to go and saves on your budget.


Often times, this service is provided by the owner or maintenance people and not a professional.


What happens here is this:


You go online and look up, “how to get rid of bed bugs”.


And find a multitude of how to’s and a long list of chemicals.


Tenants needs to prepare their unit before you treat.


So, you find a prep sheet and ask your tenants to “prepare” their unit for a treatment.


Now, you can’t control how your tenant lives.


What is clean to one person, isn’t clean to another.


As an aside, hopefully, they are not hoarders or have lots of clutter.


Many of these lists contain things like, remove bedding and linens from bed, separate mattress from box springs AND place mattresses up against the wall.



FACT: Bed bugs do not like to be disturbed.


Once disturbed, they tend to move to find a quiet, undisturbed place to harbor.


FACT: Bed bugs have developed resistance to most commonly used chemicals.


  • You will never be able to take a census and ask the bed bugs to raise their hands if they are resistant to certain chemicals.
  • It becomes a process of “let’s see what works”.
  • If the bugs are not affected, or are resistant, they are forced to scatter away from the chemical.
  • This is why bed bug bombs don’t work. The product can’t reach areas where bed bugs hide.
  • Bed bugs are sensitive to chemicals smells, and causes them to move from the smells and hide even deeper.


FACT: Chemicals don’t kill the egg stage.


  • If there are any eggs hidden, eventually, they will hatch [in approximately 7 to 10 days] forcing yet another treatment to kill the instars.


FACT: Many people overuse chemicals.


  • There’s something about our human nature that thinks if “one is good – ten must be better”.
  • People tend to overuse insecticides causing layers upon layers that contributes to toxic environments.
  • There have been reports of tenants and in a couple of cases even pest control that overused a chemical and it leaked into a surrounding unit and caused harm to other occupants.
  • Seniors with suppressed immune systems, COPD and especially children and pets are sensitive to any chemicals.


So, initiate some policies against the use of any chemical spray by tenants in your units!


And if you’re really smart, leave it to the pros!


In part 2 we talk about how and why bed bugs spread so easily in multi-unit properties and how to keep infestations from spreading.


We’re here to help! Bed Bug Hotline 888-966-2332

2017 Gratitude and Passion Led Us Here

2017 Gratitude and Passion Led Us Here

2017 Gratitude and Passion Led Us Here


We say goodbye to 2017 with gratitude and passion while we embrace yet another new year.


There have been incredible leaps forward and very frustrating setbacks this past year, but I’m always reminded of why we do what we do.


While we say goodbye to 2017, the first thing on my mind is how grateful I am for the experience.


I want to thank all of our members for their role in advancing bed bug education to all their clients. Many of these issues that were once nonexistent and rare, yet now, have become an everyday occurrence for many.


I have sincere gratitude for the opportunity to have served so many and gratitude for having made it through the challenges of 2017 stronger than the previous year.


Gratitude to those who trusted me with their embarrassment and shame when it came to their bed bug problems.


I have immense gratitude for the love and support of my amazing friends, and colleagues, family, sisters, grandchildren and my companion Kona whose unconditional love keeps me going each day.


2017 Bed Bug Recap


I’ve noticed this year, that more and more people are walking away from using chemicals. I’ve even seen pros reaching out to other pros asking what works, because what they have in their arsenal is failing.


My passion for people, has caused me to help those who cannot afford a professional treatment with sound, non-toxic methods to keep their families safe while getting rid of their bed bug problem.


Do-it-yourselfers, have ranked high in search engines this past year, all surveying affordable ways to combat their bed bug problems.


The bed bug issues in multi-unit properties are becoming much more serious. We’ve seen more problems with management and owners  allowing new tenants to move into infested units and are not taking responsibility.


On the flipside, many multi-unit property owners and management are purchasing their own heat equipment and further educating their tenants in order to cut down on infestations.


Heater rentals for those who can’t afford professionals are spreading across the nation.


I believe this new year will be packed full of even more challenges with bed bugs and the people who get them.


My 2018 Intentions


My intentions for 2018 is to be there to the best of my ability for those who need help, recommendations or just a listening ear.


To help others fill the gaps, supply well-needed education and materials to my members.


To hopefully, make a difference with all I come in contact with this new year.


Future Outlook


I am so grateful for having the opportunity to go back to complete my schooling in nutrition.


Many of you know I’ve studied health and nutrition since I was young and have always had a great passion in the field.


Eating for most is even a bigger problem worldwide than bed bugs because it can cause serious health issues.


The obesity rates and growing type 2 diabetes are significantly higher than ever and growing daily.


And not for just adults, children as well.


Having lost so many family members and friends to debilitating diseases, I only wish I knew then, what I know now.


As an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, I work with people to help them find their way back to healthy eating. This helps them heal from years of poor eating, along with helps with weight issues, obesity and a multitude of inflammatory diseases that plagues over 50% of our nation.


Interestingly, in order to get health insurance in other countries, they measure your waistline to see if you are overweight. If you are, your insurance premiums are higher. It is anticipated that this will happen in the US.



My Wishes for You


From the bottom of my heart, I wish for all of you, emotional healing, good health, the love and respect from family, friends, co-workers and clients.


So let’s all take on this new year with a fresh start, peace in your heart and have a prosperous New Year!


With love,



Biggest Bed Bug Secret

Biggest Bed Bug Secret

Biggest Bed Bug Secret –

Anytime bed bugs enter our lives is an unlucky time, but during winter it adds even more stress.


Parts of the US experience freezing temperatures for months on end.


When temperatures plummet, bed bugs still enjoy the warm temperature of our homes.


Bed Bugs Cause Emotional and Financial Stress


It’s well known that treating for bed bugs is a chore.


Especially if you’re having a chemical treatment done.


It takes dismantling whole rooms while going through boxes of accumulated stuff to get rid of clutter. Then, washing and bagging everything in drawers and emptying whole closets.


Not to mention, this goes on for weeks while your whole life is turned topsy turvy.


And it’s not something anyone would want to do during the holidays, that’s for sure.


If you decide to do it yourself, on top of all this above, you have added challenges. You need to know how to apply all the elements of elimination properly.


You have to know the life cycle and nature of the bed bug. All of this is needed, so that you provide a good killing action for all stages of their life cycle.


If you don’t know these things, please do not attempt to do it yourself.


Living on a Shoe String


The staggering amount of families in the US that make less than 40,000 is growing, as the middle class is diminishing.


A recent caller from New York sobbed while she explained her electric bill was tripled.


However, keeping her family warm took precedence over trying to afford a professional to get rid of bed bugs. She needed help and was begging for a solution.


Getting to People BEFORE a Bed Bug Solution is Needed


If only we could reach the majority of people to teach them the secret to avoiding bed bugs in the first place. Ah, in a perfect world!


It’s no different than getting those with type 2 diabetes and obesity to watch what they’re eating.


None of this is rocket science but it does take education.


People tend to wait until they have the problem before they start paying attention.


And when speaking with many of them, they have that Aha moment only after they’ve exhausted fruitless attempts of elimination.


Biggest Bed Bug Secret


Bed bugs are easy to get rid of when they are first introduced.


So, doing regular inspections alone, is the number one biggest secret to bed bugs.


Find them early and you’ll NEVER have an infestation.


Problem: People tend not to notice bed bug problems because they don’t tend to their beds regularly.


Change your sheets often!


Whether or not you are affected by bed bug bites, you still need to check for them on a regularly.


This is something that people need to be doing weekly, if not more.


Especially important when apartment living or a large family with lots of people coming and going.


Because bed bugs can be picked up anywhere, at any time, one or two can easily make it into your beds.


Finding Signs of Bed Bugs


Lucky you! You found early signs of bed bugs. To me, that means that you reviewed educational materials and know the signs of them.


Now What?


If affordability is a problem, you do have options. But, there are a few things that you need to know before you start tearing everything apart.


Disturbing bed bugs will spread them to other places. Be very cautious not to.


Don’t Throw Away Your Furniture!


There is absolutely no reason to throw away your furniture because you saw a bug.


Everything is treatable.


Besides, while dragging your items out of the house, you may drop a bed bug in other areas of your house.


Don’t Use Bed Bug Bombs!


They don’t work and will spread them. Recently, a person used nine [9] of them in the attempts of getting rid of bed bugs. It caused a lethal explosion that blew out windows and killed their cat.


Don’t Use Store Bought Sprays!


Most of the sprays on the market are contact killers and unless you spray the bug direct, they are useless.


Also, bed bugs have developed a resistance to most of the commonly used pesticides and fail in killing the bed bugs. And last, these sprays do not kill the egg stage and will only leave them behind to hatch.


Learn the Professional and Safe Way of Eliminating Bed Bugs


Put together by IBBRA professionals, for $4.99 on Amazon [instant download] are all the bedbug secrets.


You’ll find all the tips and tricks of bed bugs elimination in the book, “How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs on a Tight Budget”.


This book walks you through discovery through each step of careful elimination process and the tools you need.


Reach out, we are always here to help! 888-966-2332