Denise Donovan is the Founder and Director of The Southern California Bed Bug Task Force, Co-Founder and Director of The National Bed Bug Resource Authority (NBBRA) and Founder of the International Bed Bug Resource Authority. She teaches people about bed bugs globally.

Several years back, Denise was bitten by bed bugs at a Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona, and shared her story about how she became an expert with bed bugs. The hotel manager denied having any yet she took pictures of the “bug” and had bites head to toe. This sent her on the quest to find out everything there was to know about bed bugs. Since bed bugs were a pest that many pest control companies were just finding out about, the amount of solid information about them was hard to find.

As years went by she continued her quest to learn all about bed bugs through Universities, Entomologists and Pest Industry Professionals worldwide. After taking pest control classes, asking a million and one questions, documenting information, verifying information, she compiled and wrote a bed bug training manual to teach the industry about bed bugs.

She quickly learned that not only the pest industry needed help, but the average person had no clue what they were except from nursery rhymes of years ago.

As a consultant, and researcher in the bedbug industry, Denise teaches a three step process of Educate, Evaluate and Initiate techniques while balancing the risks of pesticides and safety for all.

Denise sees home life styles changing due to bedbugs’ hitch-hiking and hiding abilities.  She has gone on public television KCAL-LA with her “be aware—not scare” program.

This past year Denise gathered all the research and information she compiled and wrote a book about bed bugs awareness for the general public called Bed Bugs Gone Completely Wild. Denise showed the world how to outsmart the bed bug by exposing all their dirty secrets. She exposes their physical characteristics, hiding places, their feeding patterns, how they grab a ride home with you, who’s at risk, what they like and dislike and how to render them helpless.

She has helped thousands of bed bug victims through a Bed Bug Crisis Hotline to establish common sense solutions using compassion and innovation in sensitive habitats.  The Hotline acts as a liaison between landlords and tenants, hotel keepers and guests, companies and employees, to make “no-blame” solutions for bedbugs. Her guidance is inspiring in its highly informative in what it reveals about bed bugs that helps you understand why bed bugs will become a way of life.