Seriously I ask?

This is still being aired and promoted?

I honestly thought this man retracted his deceptive statements after I personally called him and told him two years ago he was misrepresenting and defrauding people by telling them to use dryer sheets.

Late one night I received a call from a woman who was hysterically crying and I couldn’t understand a word she was saying. I carefully got her attention by whispering into the phone where she had to be silent in order to hear what I was saying.

I asked her to take a deep breath and continued to help her breath and focus on her anxiety. When she finally calmed down I began asking her the usual questions like how did she get my number, how long do you think you’ve had bed bugs and do you live in a house or an apartment? She told me her story.

She lived in her own home. She explained to me that 9 months prior she suspected she had something in her bed that was biting her because of the welts she woke up with on her body. She automatically thought it had been fleas from her cat or dog or small spiders and didn’t give it more thought until the bites became more and more unbearable.

One morning while having her coffee she picked up her paper and read the headlines “Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite”, which automatically turned on a light bulb in her head and gave her a sneaky suspicion that maybe she had bed bugs. Sure enough, it was.

One night later that week while her late-night TV program concluded, an infomercial came on talking about “Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You” by Dr. Myles Bader, a supposed pest expert. She immediately took notice because they mentioned bed bugs right up front and she watched the program until the end.

He went on to say that if people use Bounce Dryers Sheets they will repel and get rid of bed bugs. She took his advice and ran out and purchased 6 boxes of Bounce Dryer Sheets at $9.97 cents a box the very next day. She scattered them all over her house.

She strategically placed them inside and around her bed, inside her dresser drawers, tucked them into each cushion of her couch, on every shelf of her bookcases and all over inside her closet.  Although she exclaimed that it looked like the “snow queen blew up in her house”, she felt accomplished and just knew in her heart that this would “fix” the problem because this pest expert said so.


Unfortunately, this is not how you Do-It-Yourself and eliminate bed bugs.

What does a bed bug look like?

Along with his advice on TV was an offer to purchase a book to help with any other pests she may encounter in her life. After all, she didn’t want to use pesticides after hearing the horror stories about them and this certainly would be a better alternative. She told me that not only did she get sucked in to purchasing the book but got “upgraded” for another companion book that she only had to pay the shipping for.

So they charged her shipping on it which now brought her bill to over thirty dollars and she never did get the other book. When she called to return the book she did receive they held the “shipping charges” which amounted to more than the book originally was.

At this time she was whimpering and sniffing and told me she felt like such a fool.

I stayed focused and carefully listened as she explained her story in its entirety. Meanwhile, as much as I tried to stay focused on her voice and what she was saying, I am thinking to myself, “I know exactly who she is speaking of”, and “he is no bed bug expert and has no clue what he is talking about, he is putting people at more risk of possible health issues as well as causing the spread of bed bugs through deceptive marketing practices”. Look at what this poor woman was going through because of dryer sheets!

When I spoke to Mr. Myles Bader a year earlier, he told me that he had written several books in the past including “1001 Secrets to a Pest-Free Property”, and sold over 35 thousand copies, had been on Oprah ya da ya da. I then assumed he was a true professional just like anyone else would. He even told me that he was a doctor.

I asked him where he got his “pest” control information and he explained to me that he got the information from the Internet. And we all know that EVERYTHING on the INTERNET is true – right?

I know because he emailed me the original chapter he was going to put in his book. I explained to him after reading it that his contents were incorrect and he should consider having one of my pest professionals on our board do the write up for him. Well, before I knew it he not only took the copy written content that I send as an example and placed it in his book and published it without signing our copy write contract or signing off on it. And also placed my contact information in his book to “support” any questions people should have regarding bed bugs.

This poor woman not only spent sixty dollars on Bounce Dryers Sheets “thinking” it was going to work for bed bugs and all she got was a good smelling house and now that tripled the cost for bed bug elimination because she allowed the problem to go for such a long time.

Had she not taken this bad advice and had her problem dealt with professionally when she only had a few bed bugs – she could have avoided spending thousands of dollars to a professional to deal with a very severe bed bug problem months after.

I made yet another call to Dr. Bader’s marketing man this past summer and he told me that it was out of his hands and could do nothing about it. Meanwhile, the infomercial goes on all over the nation as more and more people are sucked in with false hopes of getting rid of their bed bugs using Bounce Dryers Sheets.

Of course today if I receive a call from a person who found my number tucked away inside his book, I direct them to a bed bug expert so that they can rest easy knowing that their problem is being handled properly by a real pest professional.

In fact, Bounce® original brand fabric softener dryer sheets have been promoted to repel mosquitoes and “gnats” in trade magazines (Trumble, 2002); however, there are no quantitative data to substantiate these claims. Nowhere does it state bed bugs nor has a study been done.

I placed a call to Proctor and Gamble corporate in Cincinnati, Ohio and had a conversation with them regarding their dryer sheets and bed bugs. The woman said to me that at no time did they ever promote nor would they promote the use of their dryer sheets to repel bed bugs.

Buyer Beware of Fraud and Deceptive Marketing when it comes to Bed Bugs!

If you think you have bed bugs you can

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