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What Single Pest Can Greatly Change The Lives Of Seven Billion People Worldwide…?

At the current growth rate of bed bugs, without proper education and involvement …

 We can expect one out of every three households and businesses to have or know someone with bed bugs in our near future.

That could mean you!

Yes you!

Right now, there is someone suffering from the influence of bed bugs and feel that they are losing their mind.

They are waking up with bites and don’t know from what.

They are fearful of going to sleep in their own beds.

These families are being tormented and don’t know where to turn for help.

 Do you know that…

Many are unaware of what bed bugs are; that they exist; or how they personally can fall victim to them? Often thought of as only found in “unclean, dirty or low income” environments, yet the truth is, they can and do affect anyone of any social or economic environment. Some actually think they are immune to them…and won’t get them.

They could not be more wrong!

Fifty years ago, a highly efficient contact killer named DDT, pretty much rid our lives of bed bugs. However, discovery of its toxic environmental effects and resistance caused removal of it from the market in the US.

Within a few decades, bed bugs began rearing their ugly heads once again. They are “hitchhiking” unsuspected into people’s lives. They easily transfer and attach to people’s personal belongings, clothing and furniture and are spreading rapidly throughout our communities and businesses.

Most people admit, they had no clue they were real or even existed until …”they, a family member or friend, found out they had them”. Unfortunately, in many cases it is after several months of pain and anguish they realize it and by then the cost for elimination becomes too much to bear.

In staggering amounts, the transferring of bed bugs is continuing to inflict schools, restaurants, and businesses, shopping environments, multi-unit properties and friends and their family’s homes.

“Once you have bed bugs you can’t go back and change yesterday, but with education…you can change your tomorrow”, Denise Donovan

We Need Your Help – Please Donate Today!

For nearly six years, the IBBRA has been providing care and resources for people unexpectedly stricken with bed bugs worldwide. Whether someone calls, emails, purchases one of our many educational books or finds help through one of our service providers, we are here to help in many ways.

How Does My Donation Help?

Any donation to the IBBRA goes towards the cost of educational materials and resources that can save someone from needlessly suffering from bed bugs.

  • Engages more people to learn the risk of bed bugs and empowers them to take charge
  • Highlights bed bug risk factors and gives a better understanding of prevention
  • Creates heighten awareness of the impact of bed bugs in low-income communities.
  • Provides churches and other organizations with a fundraiser for bed bug awareness to help reduce the spreading of bed bugs to protect their communities

How Will We Spend Your Donation?

We often hear people say, “If I only knew”. Your donation dollars provide needed proactive education and awareness to many people before not after the fact.

If each of our visitors and Bed Bug Hotline callers donated just ten dollars, it would make a difference in three or more people’s lives!

The emotional, physical and mental impact of bed bugs

The impact of bed bugs goes beyond just the control of them. Those who thought they could never fall victim are being blindsided. Bed bugs can have a devastating effect mentally, emotionally, as well as physically for many of their victims and cause significant and profound changes to the overall quality of life for those who are touched.

Society is feeling the scourge

The bed bugs got their name from invading our sleeping and resting quarters yet that doesn’t mean that they don’t go elsewhere. Apart from cozy areas of our sleeping quarters, bed bugs are so great at hitching a ride that they are being carried into our everyday travels and found everywhere people go.

Bed Bug Crisis Hotline Line calls have included questions, complaints and cries for help from people in all these areas:

Homes – Multi-unit Properties – Rented Homes – Hotels – Dorms – Day Care Facilities – Schools of all kinds – Retail Stores – Moving Company Trucks – Doctors’ Offices – Senior Care and Nursing Homes – Hospitals – Mental Health Facilities – Out Patient Clinics – Hostels – Camps – Storage Facilities – Office Buildings – Theaters – Churches – All kinds of Public Transportation Vehicles (Buses, Subway, Taxis, limousines) – Moving Vans – Museums – Libraries – Laundry Facilities – Retail Stores – Restaurants – Factories – Prisons – Ambulances and Emergency Vehicles – Fire Stations – Police Cars and just recently found on the chairs in the chapel of a funeral home.

Please DONATE NOW – help make a difference for a family

Desperate Times … calls for Desperate Measures

  • The consequence of this rapid spread is that anyone, rich or poor, clean or dirty, creed, race or religion, at any time, can fall victim regardless of how much you know about them.
  • Because bed bugs require a huge financial outlay, severe budget restraints, coupled with do-it-yourself attempts are greatly contributing to this spread of bed bugs.
  • Ignorance of this bug has caused people to use products that do not work, have spread them further, have set many homes on fire and have poisoned many families.
  • Embarrassment and severe shame often cause people to “hide the fact they have them” from friends, family and co-workers.
  • When property management tries to hold the tenant responsible, this backfires and the tenant does not tell the landlord about the problem and tries to fix it themselves.
  • Many times the tenant moves thinking they are leaving the problem behind, but soon finds out they took them with them to plague their next dwelling. Unfortunately, they do leave the problem behind for the landlord to deal with and the new tenant that moves in to that infested unit.

What can be done to help stop this?

Obviously calling in an experienced professional at the earliest sign of bed bugs is the smartest thing to do. The problem with that is, people don’t know the early signs!

Proper and successful elimination of bed bugs requires a great amount of commitment and cooperation from both the inflicted and professional.

Most important is, knowing WHAT TO DO and NOT TO DO when one encounters a bed bug issue.

Our Mission: Mass Education through Community Distribution

Along with our Be Aware, Not Scare Program for schools, the IBBRA has developed; Help us, help you, help them© as part of their system.

This part of our program is to bring in enough funds to purchase an ongoing steady supply of educational books to hand out to public entities as part of our Bed Bug Awareness Program.

To date we have donated over thirty thousand educational books for public awareness and we cannot stop now!

How you can help!

We are reaching out for donations from companies, organizations, bloggers and individuals to educate their communities, families, friends, co-workers and loved ones across the board. Every penny raised from this campaign will go into the production and distribution of these books.

A little bit goes a long way.

The more money we raise the faster we will get this information out there. Our goal is to provide ten thousand books monthly starting October 2014. We will utilize every dollar received; please help us reach our goal.

Please donate now –your gift can reveal the truths behind one of the most insidious pests of all time to help protect thousands of families, maybe even yours, from financial and emotional devastation.

The IBBRA has become a trusted voice in bed bug education for people all around the world. Dedicated to uncovering and teaching the truth as it relates to bed bugs is our driving force and by participating, you can help make it happen.

Together, we can raise public awareness.

This book serves many purposes, but it will primarily shine a light on this particular subject so that more people can be aware of the areas where they are most likely at risk for bed bugs and help prevent them from spreading further.

Choose where your donation goes!

Do you want to make a donation for your employees, students, local library, boys and girl clubs, scout troops, sport teams, veterans, women’s abuse, homeless shelters?

Ask us how you can create a fundraiser using these books for your own community or organization.

It doesn’t matter who you want to help. Choose the amount of books needed, make your donation and send us the mailing address where you want them delivered. It’s that simple!

At our cost of only $3.50 a book – Your gift can provide this vital education to several families.


$17.50                                    5

$35.00                                   10

$52.50                                    15

$70.00                                    20

$105.00                                  30

$140.00                                  40

$175.00                                   50

$350.00​                                  100

$525.00                                  150

$700.00                                  200

$875.00                                  250

$1,050.00                              300

$1,225.00                              350

$1,400.00                              400

$1,575.00                              450

$1,750.00                              500

+ Shipping and Handling

If you are a business or organization that would like to get behind the crusade of bed bug public awareness and would like to be a Sponsor of the IBBRA, please contact us directly at 888-966-2332

$5,000.00                            Supporting Sponsors

$1,500.00                              Outreach Sponsors

$500.00                                 Interactive Sponsors

$100.00                                 Angel Sponsor

Any of our 13 books can be used for a fundraiser. Feel free to call us and ask how we can assist you in your crusade.