How to Choose a Qualified Bed Bug Professional

Bed bugs are known to have a debilitating and crippling effect on many.  Because of this, they require a highly skilled and experienced professional to eliminate them properly.  If you had a debilitating disease and needed a specialist, would you go to a general practitioner or a doctor with years of experience and specializes in that particular disease?

Because bed bugs are such a specialized field, you may have a challenge finding a well qualified, experienced professional. Especially if you don’t know what to ask.  A qualified bed bug professional have intensive bed bug training, proper tools and lots of experience dealing with bed bugs. Of which, has as many failures as successes in their history. Only through these trials and errors, have they become extremely proficient at what they do.  Not all pest control companies have bed bug experience or are qualified to handle bed bugs.


Running to the local hardware store at first sight of a bed bug is a mistake because of the possibilities of driving them into adjacent rooms, poisoning yourself, family or pets, the environment you live in, and may make matters worse not knowing what you are doing. That’s why it is important to leave it to the Pro’s.  Our professional bed bug companies have passed a rigorous background check and abide by high professional standards.  If you are unsure about a pest control companies abilities and can’t find an experienced bed bug professional on our list, feel free to call us and we will find one for you.

Tips and Questions for interviewing a professional bed bug pest control company… always deal with a qualified bed bug pest control company

  • First and foremost, what basic credentials do they have, and are they fully licensed and insured? Ask to see their license and insurance. (Liability insurance to cover any damages to your house or furnishings during treatment and they should have “completed operations” coverage as this covers for damages that occur or are discovered after the contractor leaves the premises.) Don’t feel bad – if they are an insured company they should have no problem showing their certificates.

  • Are they members of local, state or national pest management associations?

  • Being that bed bugs are a sensitive subject and can be embarrassing for some, unless specifically requested by the customer, all dedicated service vehicles must be clearly marked with the company’s name and must be consistent with state law.

  • Do they follow an integrated pest management (IPM) system?

These IPM components consist of the following:

  • Proper Inspection and identification

  • Establish threshold level for pest activity

  • Employ appropriate control and/or management measures

  • Evaluate effectiveness

  • Properly trained in application and techniques

  • Provide you an IPM information sheet of IPM standards


Then ask

  • Do they specialize in bed bug treatment?

  • How many treatments have they done?

  • What is their success ratio? Call backs?

  • How many treatments does it take to get rid of them? (Be sure to fully understand the nature of the household pest to be exterminated, the extent of the infestation, and the work necessary to solve the problem)

  • How will the problem be treated? What methodologies do they use?

  • Do they have any referrals or people you can speak to about their service?

  • What results do they expect?

  • What do you need to do to help the success of the treatment (preparation for particular chosen treatment if any)
  • How much is this going to cost you? (When dealing with bed bug treatment it can be costly – get several bids, Beware of exterminators that offer bargains that sound too good to be true)

  • Do they offer a post treatment follow-up?

  • Do they offer a warranty/guarantee? (If a warranty/guarantee is given, know what it covers, how long it lasts, what you must do to keep it in force, and what kind of continuing control, prevention and management are necessary)

Remember, just because you had your home or business treated for bed bugs does not mean that they won’t be reintroduced again.

Learn what risk management skills and tools you can implement to avoid the possibility of reintroduction.

The IBBRA has been answering bed bug questions for many years and has written several easy to read and understand books to address most of your questions.

Homeowners can call state pest control regulatory agencies for information regarding the status of pest management companies. In most states the regulatory agency is the State Department of Agriculture

If you have a question for a professional bed bug pest management company or operator, please feel free to contact us 1-888-9-NOBEDBUGS or CLICK HERE FOR A MAP OF CERTIFIED BED BUG SERVICE PROVIDERS

Choosing a qualified bed bug pest control company is of utmost importance. You can learn about how the pest control industry is regulated and how to find a reputable bed bug control company by contacting the…

National Pest Management Association,, or PCOC,,