Above all the calls I receive, these are the ones that literally breaks my heart. Whether it is a single woman with children, a family or seniors on a limited income, it’s all the same. People are suffering.

Bed bugs do not and will not stop reproducing; and unless one takes care of the situation they will continue to reproduce until it reaches exponential growth patterns.

Basically, you can’t afford not to!

The very fact that bed bugs are not easy to get rid of can create a serious challenge for anyone without financial resources. Those with limited incomes have to cope with trying to rid their lives of bed bugs themselves which can be a long and arduous task that comes with huge mistakes if they don’t know how to do it properly.

In many cases people within low income communities where people with disabilities cannot physically do what is required it becomes a source that spreads bed bugs within communities as well.

Most of the time I can help people through early introductions by directing them to a professional in their area to deal with a bed bug situation; but in some cases when affordability is an strong issue I have to be creative in helping them best understand the tools and amount of work that is needed.

In the later part of 2011 because of so many calls, I made the decision to write a book specifically to help those who have not the resources to hire a professional. My intentions for this book was never to take away from the professional industry but to help those who have no financial resources to at least know how to DO IT RIGHT and most importantly; learn what NOT TO DO when it comes to bed bugs.

Can a person get rid of bed bugs themselves?

Sure in early stages. But expect to spend a significant amount of money for supplies and spend hour upon hour preparing and doing what is required to do a good job. And now expect that if you didn’t do everything properly the first time, and get every last bed bug – you may have to start all over again.

In situations where people have been fighting the bed bug battle for many months; I cringed at the thought that they have to continue the battle using different techniques all over again. By this time they have driven the bed bugs into the walls, spread them throughout their apartment buildings, infested their cars, their friends’ homes, day care providers and most likely taken them to work or school.

In these cases they have already used every possible over the counter product, have thrown away their furniture in the attempt to rid the problem and after they have succumbed to all these fruitless efforts finally called to get advice.

The need for bed bug education and solutions is evident in every call I receive. Unfortunately, most of these calls are from people who are on limited incomes and just can’t possibly afford the services of a pest management professional.

After a serious amount of these back to back calls I sat and wrote a Do-it-Yourself book and put it on the market for under ten dollars. This is a book a bed bug victim can’t afford not to get.

This book was written and is intended to assist anyone undertaking the challenge of dealing with a bed bug situation and prefer to self-treat. These treatment options and methods were compiled in collaboration with members of the IBBRA who are leading bed bug pest management professionals.

It follows the IBBRA’s three step program. The three steps will allow them to “Educate” themselves about bed bugs, their behaviors and to learn about companies and or products that can assist them.

Secondly, they will be able to “Evaluate” their overall situation and not have to combat bed bugs blindly or without the proper tools.

Lastly, this will enable them to “Initiate” a plan of action steps to utilize the best possible resources to solve their problem and set a preventative protocol in place for future possibilities of infestation.

The eradication of bed bugs is a complicated enough job by itself and by the use of ineffective products and/or the mis-use of chemicals which bed bugs are resistant to or are not designed for, can further complicate the problem. The greatest concern with do-it-yourself bed bug control is brought on by the mis-use of chemical pesticides used by the general public which are at best moderately effective at controlling these pests. Using ineffective chemicals and methods can also present serious health risks.

If you live in a dwelling with shared walls such as an apartment, townhome or condominium, and are renting, it’s best to alert the owner or property manager.  Many times bed bugs move from these adjoining units to infest those surrounding them and treating one unit alone is not always advisable.

The homeowner has different challenges that depend on the severity of the infestation. The variables are how long the infestation has been going on and how it has spread to other parts of the home. I encourage those contemplating do-it-yourself treatment methods to read through this book in its entirety before making the decision to take on this job.

And I cannot stress the importance of knowing about re-introduction possibilities. You need to know all the risk factors so you can develop a pro-active alert with all members of your family.

And lastly, remember, if your efforts prove unsuccessful and you are still experiencing bed bugs, please turn to us to help you, don’t go it alone.

We are here to help! www.ibbra.org 888-966-2332