Today, the intrinsic value of qualified Bed Bug Scent Detection K9 Teams is growing. These dog teams assist in not only finding early stages of bed bugs to help avoid infestations, but for proofing conditions clear of bed bugs after a treatment is administered. As bed bugs continue to proliferate worldwide, the demand for more skilled dog teams and qualified certifying bodies will also continue to grow.


Advanced Handler Training

Throughout the years, the IBBRA has worked closely with select organizations that train and certify scent detection dogs for government, military, police, medical and pest control.

One of the biggest challenges is the lack of Advanced Handler Training. Many Bed Bug K9 teams are struggling to perfect their skills with little to no professional training outside of a few days when acquiring their K9. Furthermore, the costs for handler training can exceed the cost of two fully trained dogs, which many cannot afford and cannot afford time off their work schedules to attend. Let’s face it, becoming a proficient handler comes with learning, direction, time and experience.

Aside from team proficiency, not all environments provide the same situations and the team has to be able to adapt to them. Honing your animal behavior skills helps you to address and correct problems when they occur to fine-tune you as a team.

IBBRA Evaluators/Certifying Officials (ECO)

The IBBRA carefully chooses their certifying bodies to help address and assist those who need support in advanced handler training. Our ECO’s are measured by professional ethics, skill, achievement, experience and commitment. Each of our ECO’s is highly experienced; handler trainers who provide affordable advanced trainings to K9 teams. We recently have six (6) ECO’s in the US and Canada and are adding more each month. We want to make it easier for teams to be certified and be able to take trainings closer to where they live and not have to acquire unnecessary costs to fly their teams to different destinations.

Our ECO’s will work directly with K9 Teams; submit an evaluation and help you achieve the defining skills needed to improve and sharpen your handling skills. Our ECO’s will be listed on the IBBRA web site. If you are having difficulties finding an official near you, please contact one of our board members or training directors for assistance.

Our Standards

There is no set standard for certifying these teams like police; however, we follow the same guidelines used to test other scent detection teams developed by the Bed Bug Foundation in Europe combined with experience of bed bug K9 trainers/handlers here in the US. The Examination consists of a written and practical test. All information will be up on the IBBRA web site by the end of June 2017

I would like to take a moment to introduce the IBBRA K9 Certification Division Board of Directors:

A.T.S. K9 Ltd
484 Hwy 20, RR #3 Fenwick, Ontario L0S 1C0
905 892-4700

With close to 30 years in the industry, Sid comes to us with a long linage of professional k9 scent training and handling. Founder of PAWS International Detection Services, Sid’s talents extend worldwide. With over 20 years of providing drug searches for Lake Carriers from Montreal to Sarnia and being the former Director of CADA (Canine Accelerant Detection Association) and Former Vice President Fire K9 from California, his name is well known in the industry.

His training includes landmine detection, which no doubt has to be spot on! Aside from being a seminar leader and speaker on scent detection, from border checks to Tailgate parties for the Maple Leafs, Sid’s life is dedicated to scent detection K9s and their handlers.

Corey Walter Peladeau
16 Groton Rd
Tyngsboro, MA 01879

Cory began his career in training single and multi-purpose canines for law enforcement and private sectors. As a K9 handler, trainer and specialized breeder, he focuses in elite training methodologies identifying and developing individual canines for working careers.

As a Handler Instructor for these agencies, Cory provides from basic K9 detection through advanced obedience, personal protection, and private contract specialized imprinting and detection. Since 2008, Cory has provided his professional services to the Westford PD’s, Special Services Division as Head Training Officer, where he authors, does canine acquisitions, develops methodologies and implements SOP’s.

His disciplines include, Multi-purpose Canine Handler/Operator for Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council SWAT. • Instructor of K9 Patrol School, K9 Narcotics School, K9 Explosive Detection, Large Quantity Narcotics Detection Program, Homeland Security Drug Law Enforcement Training, Active Shooter Levels 1 & 2, MPTC Firearms, MPTC Defense Tactics, Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga Defensive Tactics, Sig Armorer, and Taser training.

Complete Canine1 certified the IBBRA’s first Bed Bug Detection Dog Team.

K-9 Advanced Detection

Elad Bachar/Head Trainer
Office: 855-729-7252

As an International K-9 trainer and breeder, Elad Bachar has more than 20 years of experience. The working dogs at Advanced Detection are trained as single and multipurpose canines, bed bug scent detection and narcotic detection dogs. In his former military career, he was selected to become an instructor to train many handlers and dogs for explosive detection.  His last overseas position was one of Head Trainer at Ben Gurion International Airport supervising eight teams of dogs totaling 16 canines.  This airport has one of the tightest security procedures in the world. Over recent years, Elad has successfully trained over 200 dogs in explosives detection for sale in the global market.

As the Head Trainer at Advanced Detection, Elad directed all aspects of canine training from pets to detection. In addition, he has been working with many area police departments in Illinois and Indiana as well as the Northfolk Southern Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad.  Working with Pups for Peace, Elad was afforded the opportunity to work with eight US Homeland Security Officers in Israel including tactical urban combat training.  All of this is supported with continuous experience and extensive training in IPO-Working Dogs Sport Club competing in three (3) different Schutzhund Dogs (IPO 2 and IPO3)

2440 E Little Patterson Rd
Wendover, UT 84083
R 385-229-0742, J 775-990-9100
Utah, Nevada, portions of Colorado, Idaho, and Arizona

Judith, raised with working dogs since childhood, heads up the Bed Bug Detection Division of OQUIRRHBERG KENNELS and has been involved in the training of detection and patrol dogs for police, government, and private agencies throughout the United States including training detection canines for narcotics, explosives, bed bugs, and human remains.

On the competition side, she has multiple titles in Agility, Obedience, Rally, and K9 Nose Work. Her current competition dog, a mixed breed rescue she hand raised from 3 days old, is a national level competitor in K9 Nose Work Dog with his Elite 2 title in the NACSW organization. Professionally she handles several bed bug detection canines, a narcotics detection canine, and an up and coming explosives dog for private businesses and families in the western United States.


Nicole Reusser, Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI)
15375 Barranca Pkwy, H101
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 424 3859

Nicole began training professional scent detection in 2003, starting with Search and Rescue. Her interest in this field led to additional detection areas and soon she trained numerous canines for a variety of scent detection including narcotics, explosives, bio and bed bugs. Working with her favorite breed, the Malinois, she became involved in IPO/Schutzhund and competition and the Malinois rescue.