Bed bugs are not just in the United States. They are infiltrating homes worldwide and Bed Bug Experts, now founding members of IBBRA are the only UK pest control company to offer a 12 MONTH BED BUG GUARANTEE. Yes, you heard it right, 12 months! Let’s see how they can do that.

Here in the US, it is rare to find a company that will treat “just the infected area”, as most insist on doing the whole premises. Once stung by an expensive one time, whole-house bed bug treatment, if they get them again, because of affordability issues, people tend to turn to self-treatments, which always gets them in trouble down the line.

Since the cost for treating a whole home vs. an infected room is so vast, the Bed Bug Experts evaluate each case carefully to make sure they don’t do needless treatments in rooms that are not affected. This builds trust and confidence with their customers and if they should ever have or suspect a bed bug problem in the future, they always get the call.

What separates Bed Bug Experts from other companies is that their whole focus is on only one pest, bed bugs. Richard believes that education on this evasive bug is important for all his clients and includes a Q & A section on his web site as well as client handouts.


Just ask the experts how you got bed bugs in the first place, and they will answer – just bad luck. When communicating with Richard Barrie, owner of Bed Bug Experts, he indicated, “sometimes a person may have just returned from a trip and only have the beginning stages of bed bugs in one room, or a bed bug or two may have come in on a single item. Why spend the money and treat the whole house if only one room is affected?”

Bed bugs can spread for numerous reasons: A person moves an infected item (blankets, pillows, clothing, etc.) from one room to another, a person may go and sleep on a couch to get away from bites, by dragging an infested item through the house to dispose it, or a person uses a product without knowing what they are doing. Of course, it also depends upon how long a person has bed bugs and it’s also possible they could have come from a neighbouring property, particularly if the adjoining rooms have been vacated for a while. The list goes on…

Bed Bug Experts located in Ayr, Scotland, stands behind their guarantee for both single treatments in one room and whole house treatments. They take away the “scare you to death and do the whole house” treatment and have never failed to get rid of even the most infested homes.

Their sensitive, highly knowledgeable and confident technicians evaluate each case and do their best not to disrupt the household any more than it already is. Their treatments are kinder and simpler than other companies are because they don’t create great emotional distress for the client by insisting on them throwing their possessions away or doing tons of preparation. The confidence and security for their client’s exists in their guarantee to come back if necessary without an extra charge. They are with you every step of the way until every last bed bugs is destroyed.

With all the horror stories on the internet, Richard says, “Don’t believe everything you hear about bed bugs. Getting rid of them is not a big deal if you know how. We do”.

Bed Bug Experts know that the effects of a bed bug infestation can go far beyond irritating bites, so their incentive to get it right the first time grew into their ironclad guarantee. However severe, they have never been defeated and are always 100% EFFECTIVE. That is a big commitment but their record of accomplishment proves their success.


All their single treatments come with automatic 6 MONTH GUARANTEE, but where all the main living rooms and bedrooms in the property are treated, they extend the guarantee to a FULL 12 MONTHS for no extra charge. Usually one treatment is enough, but if the bed bugs aren’t completely gone after a few weeks they go back and do it again FREE OF CHARGE until they are gone for good. People do not pay another cent for any additional treatments.

What I loved most about the Bed Bug Experts is that they are honest and professional. Let’s all reach out and welcome the Bed Bug Experts and whether across the street or across the oceans, we all look forward to working with them to help make a difference! Bed Bug Experts on 020 3285 7399