Resin IBBRAYes, it can be a simple process. Matter of fact, every property owner or management group should go out of their way to learn as much about bed bugs as soon as possible because if they are not now, they will be dealing with them ultimately.

There are so few, experienced bed bug educators that have the time and there are so many people worldwide, that it is nearly impossible to have one-on-one trainings. In addition, gathering employees, staff and maintenance workers for time slotted webinars, community sessions and seminars all at the same time, can be a huge challenge for most.

The IBBRA built, and based on bed bug research and development, acknowledged these forthcoming demands for bed bug awareness, sensed the urgent needs and immediately addressed it.

Putting People at the Center Of It All

Since March of 2009, the IBBRA has empowered the public with the results of over 100 years of collective research from our Scientific Advisory Board, which consists of world-renowned Scientists, Professors, PhD’s, Leading Entomologists, Legal Counsel and Certified Pest Management Professionals. Each has contributed their knowledge and expertise in the field and study of bed bugs that goes far beyond just basic understanding of bed bugs.

With a no-nonsense pragmatic approach, the IBBRA provides powerful awareness, training and a resource that addresses today’s urgent bed bug demands. The issue of bed bug infestations is explored from several unique perspectives, including; history, identification, ecology, health, environmental, legal, dispersal, control methods, monitoring and economic consequences for all.

We have found that by providing cohesive peer-reviewed power points, posters, brochures, flyers, books, and a bed bug hotline call center, greatly improves people’s understanding and lives.

And did I mention at no cost?

In addition to our interconnected relationship with our Scientific Board Members, our Service Provider Members have been assisting both Multi-unit Properties and Hospitality Groups Internationally for the past six years. 

Learning Just Bed Bug Basics – Is Not Enough!

Bed Bugs for Tenants, Landlords and Property Management 2014 is a revised edition written for both management and tenants in mind. It covers concerns, challenges, education and prevention, which greatly helps in reducing the financial burdens and hardship of bed bugs.

When the processes in this book are understood and applied, no longer does management have to question or point the finger at tenants. In addition, following the Layered Defense Strategy©, bed bug relief is brought to the forefront for all. Tenants will not have to move into infested units and find out days later, nor does the management have to worry about ever-growing structural bed bug problems spreading throughout their buildings.

Sure, it takes a little work to get everyone organized, but it addresses full disclosure from both tenants and management issues, adds customized addendums with the interest of community awareness, provides training and education, and lays out the policies and procedures in such a simple way, that any management or tenant can easily understand the process.

Walking in the shoes of someone else

Having been a rental property owner myself, I have dealt with all kinds of “buggy” situations. It was easy for us to find a simple, yet a viable solution to help slow down reproduction long enough to get a handle on it, and in many cases (if set up prior to anyone ever having bed bugs), completely stop the spread of bed bugs throughout multi-unit properties.

It is definitely a strategy, but not one that is so hard that it is impossible to do. We have found over the past years that the “cause” for the massive spreading of bed bugs is mainly coming from multi-unit properties. Often, tenants go for months not knowing they have bed bugs and take them with them wherever they go. This means friends and families’ homes, work, school and any other place the person should frequent.

When a tenant should realize they have bed bugs, they avoid telling the management because they are afraid of possible financial obligations or handed an eviction order. This is just plain unacceptable. In these cases, people reach for cheap self-treatments, thinking they will work which in turn cause more of a spread through adjacent units.

Read up, get on board and call the IBBRA for help. We are here to make a difference! 888-966-2332