Bed Bug Layered Defense Strategy for Multi-unit Properties

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IBBRA Bed Bug Layered Defense Strategy (LDS) gets YOU back in Control

Based on our developed strategic partnerships with the leading multifamily owners, developers and managers, the IBBRA is commitment to providing structured education, policies, procedures, proactive protocols, prevention, and essential documents to address continuing outbreaks of bed bugs in these environments.

Don’t go Broke over Bed Bugs!

With these protocols in place, you will significantly reduce, long-term and repeated financial costs of remediation, protect against structural invasion, minimize legal risks, while protecting facilities, residents, staff and whole communities.

It is our pleasure to provide IBBRA Bed Bug Layered Defense Strategy© (LDS) in part with the Institute for Responsible Bed Bug Control and The North American Bed Bug Training Center.

The Most Financially Rewarding Part of our Program!

Most important financial lessons come out of our toughest losses and a common theme is trying to succeed through trial and error without a sound strategy.

Properties are already allocating funds beyond normal budgets with costs that are above what they want or have to pay, but to date, have had no choice.

The Layered Defense Strategy provides a sound and affordable financial strategy while having your inspection and treatment costs covered without reaching into your own pocket.

The IBBRA Layered Defense Strategy is a proven strategy that will help protect against any serious infestations from ever occurring in your building.

This total education and eradication system delivers powerful bed bug education and awareness that takes away the excuse of “not knowing”, establishes due diligence, sets easy to follow policies and procedures, commits to early notification, diminishes  self-treatment attempts while providing a powerful take-a-way message for prevention.

Package Download Includes:

  • Complete Staff Education
  • Multi-unit Bed Bug Addendums for both HUD and Standard Multi-units
  • Tenant Bed Bug Fact Sheet
  • Bugs Often Mistaken for Bed Bugs
  • Bed Bugs in Multi-unit Properties (Star Burst Example)
  • Bed Bug Treatment Agreement
  • Letter to Tenant
  • Canine Inspection Prep Sheet
  • Tenant Bed Bug Notification Form
  • Management & Tenant Notification
  • Heat Treatment Agreement & Prep Instructions
  • Incident Reports 1-2-3
  • How to Cover Out of Pocket Inspection & Treatment Expenses
  • Support and Training Tool – Bed Bug Life Cycle
  • Education Awareness Posters (Digital Printable Download)

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Coming Soon!

The IBBRA’s Institute for Responsible Bed Bug Control has a deep understanding of our client’s needs and we’ve highlighted each element of the solution. Our dedicated team of experts will provide online tools to guide you through an affordable subscription based, cloud-hosted, virtual desktop and mobile apps application of the Layered Defense Strategy; providing easy access for even a small organization to effectively integrate into their systems for better efficiency.

Chain hotels and national apartment complexes can tap into and exchange interface when needed yet maintain complete privacy for each location.

Benefits include:

  • Easy Administration
  • Automatic Updates
  • Patch Management
  • Compatibility
  • Global Accessibility

Are you ready to put repeat bed bug “issues” behind you?

Are you tired of writing big checks?

Do you want to replenish your ROI?

Ready to take back control?

Write us at and be placed on our list for updated software information.


1 review for Bed Bug Layered Defense Strategy for Multi-unit Properties

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dominique NiColay

    IBBRA – The Best Thing That Ever Happened to my Business!
    Now that the New Year is advancing and heralding a very promising future, I am taking the time to pause a little and ponder my last 5 years in this new K9 Scent Detection venture. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, no doubt about it! Yet a fun and challenging one! And, I LOVE it! However, I have to disclose a BIG secret to you.
    So here it is: I couldn’t have been as successful as I am now without IBBRA and who I now consider my good friend Denise Donovan, its founder. This woman is just purely and simply extraordinary. Her passion and giving heart goes beyond what you can imagine.
    She has been instrumental in helping me throughout my growing pains by providing me with an endless supply of resources. From PowerPoint presentations to targeted industries like hospitals, alternative care facilities, multi-unit apartment complexes just to name a few; the myriad marketing materials such as entire brochures, forms, posters, binders, rack cards, flyers, presentation folders, books, business cards – you name it! (In Spanish too!) customized with my business logo and my business color scheme to ensure my brand continuity.
    Denise has listened to my stories and always comes up with a solution to help me better present my services as well as educate my clients so future bed bug outbreaks are kept to a minimum. She’s helped me develop a way for my clients to find great value in my services and overcome the obstacles of national bad press for detection dogs.
    She’s helped me see past hurdles and define my contribution to the bed bug industry. And, of course, the Layered Defense Strategy (LDS) package is unique and awesome and it has just helped me land a deal with a property management company using workable common sense solutions. I just could not have done it without LDS.
     If I have a problem I can’t resolve or need someone to help me develop: I call Denise
     If I need a logo designed: I call Denise
     If I need a videographer: I call Denise
     If I need blogs for my website: I call Denise
     If I need to talk to a pest control company in another state: I call Denise
     If I need a lawyer: I call Denise
     If I need an entomologist: I call Denise
     If I need a sales pitch: I call Denise
     If I have a bad day and hate people: I call Denise
     If I need emotional support: I call Denise
     If I need anything: I call Denise
    What a genius and support this woman is! She knows bed bugs and the business so well that she can create just about anything in a blink of an eye. Her production is always of impeccable quality and if for any reason she doesn’t know, she is not pretentious and will find out what’s needed. The IBBRA network is vast and we can all tap into it no matter what. She will work with you until you are smiling from ear-to-ear.
    She is a workhorse when it comes to output. She’ll drop what she’s doing, focus on your needs and make you feel like you are the only person in the world. She works and works, and produces and creates and delivers quality materials on time to meet your needs and time schedule. It’s like having your own personal assistant at your side daily.
    And here is another big secret: All of this for a token membership fee. Unbelievable! I would have paid thousands of dollars to a marketing company to provide everything she has.
    I strongly urge anyone doing bed bug inspections or treatments to join IBBRA so you too can enjoy this invaluable resource.
    Thank you IBBRA and Denise Donovan.

    Dominique Nicolay

    Mass Bed Bug Busters, LLC


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