Bed bugs are sure to strike fear into the hearts of many, regardless of where they are spotted.  The fact that they can spread so quickly and easily, PLUS at the rate that they reproduce, you could have an infestation on your hands before you even realize they are there at all.  It’s a known fact that bed bugs are commonly picked-up in public locations, but why is that?  Also, what makes those public locations so hard to treat?  What can you do, as a pest control professional, to better treat bed bugs in public spaces?  Alternatively, maybe you’re a business owner, how can you keep your business bed bug free?  We’ve got all those answers and more below!

What’s the problem?

When bed bugs are found outside residential homes, there are many more complications to their treatment.  Here are a few of those issues:

  1. Costly Closures: When bed bugs are spotted at a business, often it will require the entire building be closed for proper treatment.  This can be extremely costly for the company and may cause employees to take a mandatory vacation or unpaid time off.
  2. Tricky Spaces: Sometimes, the locations that bed bug decide to inhabit aren’t the easiest areas to treat.  Whether this means that bed bugs infested a bus, airplane, movie theater, hospital, clothing store, furniture store, thrift store or even an office building, each area has its challenges.  Each case must be examined, and a solution chosen on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Where is the problem?: Some locations, like airports and other public transportation, have so many people flowing through, that it can be challenging to identify where the problem exists and its origin. This makes proper treatment very difficult as the problem is always spreading. Likewise, it can be challenging to be sure that the problem is solved due to the widespread of bugs.
  4. Treatments Off the Table: Depending on the location, some treatments just won’t be possible.  Some retail locations won’t allow smelly chemicals to be spread all over their stock.  Chemical sensitivities are also a concern for all public locations, the last thing you want is for someone to have a life-threatening allergic reaction to your business.

Stay tuned for next month to see how IBBRA can help you navigate these tricky situations and for tips and tricks to solve bed bug problems in these areas.