Last month we covered all the challenges of treating bed bugs in public places.  Today we will be talking about tips and tricks to help your next treatment be as successful as possible.  If you missed last month’s article, click here to check it out before continuing.

So what can be done in these challenging situations?

Public areas require trained, experienced bed bug professionals to assess the problem and come up with a treatment place specifically designed for each case.  Below are some things to consider when making or reviewing a treatment plan:

  1. Heat It Up: Heat treatments are one of the most versatile treatment options.  Heat can be used in nearly any enclosed area.  Heat is especially great in hotels, businesses, and transportation methods (buses, cars, planes…ect) because heat treatments don’t require that the entire building be shut down for treatment.  Heat treatments can be applied in any single room, without disturbing the rest of the building.  Heat treatments are also chemical-free, so in retail situations where there may be chemical sensitivity and odors that need to be avoided, heat might be the perfect solution.  Finally, heat is great because the treatment area can be completely treated in 24 hours (depending on the location).
    If you’re a Pest Control Pro and not yet offering heat treatments, IBBRA highly recommends that you educate yourself in the revolutionary heat treatment movement.  You can contact Convectex Bed Bug Heaters for equipment, training and more to help get your bed bug heat business started.
    If you’re a Hotel or Motel owner/manager, then IBBRA recommends that you check out our DIY heat treatment options and kill bed bugs yourself.
  2. Sniff It Out: Ensuring that the bugs are gone is KEY to every bed bug treatment.  Bed Bug K-9 detection teams are there for just that purpose, to ensure that the treatment was successful and the area is safe.  Partnering with or expanding your pest control business to include a k-9 detection team is not only great for your customers peace-of-mind, they can also be used as a defense in any legal battle resulting from a bed bug issue.  Bed Bug K-9s are over 90% accurate in most cases, making them the BEST way to ensure that your treatment was successful.
    Need a K-9 Inspection?  Want to partner with a K-9 Detection business to back-up your treatments?  Find a qualified team right here on the IBBRA website.  Click here to find a scent inspection company near you.
  3. Keep an Eye Out: The best way to treat a bed bug problem is before it happens.  Business owners should be watching for signs of bed bugs at all times.  This is especially true for hotels/motels, but can also be applied to office buildings and retail locations.  Public transportation businesses should have regular inspections, as well.  Catching a bed bug problem early will greatly reduce the amount of time the treatment takes!  Proactive business owners can also educate their employees on what to do if they spot a bed bug at work, on their commute or at home.
    Need help training your staff in the ins-and-outs of bed bug detection?  Read more about bed bugs and simple detection tips on the IBBRA blog.  Here are some articles to get you started:
    Clean It Up:  Places with a lot of clutter make the perfect place for bed bugs to hide.  Keep your business or store clean and clear of clutter.  Keeping clutter down will also help any treatment efforts as well.
  4. Hire an Actual Pro: Don’t blindly take the word of someone, who sometimes does pest control work, for your bed bug treatment plan.  Get a real pro that treat bed bugs every day and is trained in treating public locations.
    Finding a professional that is an IBBRA member will ensure that you’re getting the best treatment options available, from someone who really cares about ending the bed bug war in America!  You can find an IBBRA pest control member here.  You can also hire a k-9 detection team OR purchase DIY treatment equipment to solve your bed bug problem yourself with the same equipment the pros are using!