Director of Service Board:

 Kent Marsh ACE
Kent started his career in pest management 14 years ago; he studied at Purdue University prior to becoming a Certified Entomologist. He started his own company, ACES Pest Solutions and quickly realized that people needed more than just “bed bug control”, bed bugs are a game changer – people needed workable “solutions”.
As a Pest Control Professional and Entomologist, Kent works hard finding practical and safe solutions against harmful insects and often speaks at community and environmental health departments, hotels and organizations about our pivotal problems with bed bugs.
Kent has an insatiable appetite for education and like a sponge has received extensive training in bed bug management, bed bug biology and control measures. His experience in the field has proven invaluable to all that have the opportunity to hear him speak or utilize his services.
After several years of bed bug education, research, jobs and experience, he spearheaded his Bed Safe™ program to help the hospitality industry with their never ending, always reoccurring, bed bug problems. Kent proudly boasts a 100% success rate eradicating bed bugs with a proactive approach to possible infestations keeping hotels out of the news, off the internet and especially – out of the courts.
As an consultant for Hotels groups he has been interviewed many times on the growing concern of bed bugs within the hospitality industry. Kent’s bed bug trainings for hotels and businesses are well received by many as he dispels the myths and builds “bed bug” confidence with trainings and documentation. His services provide an unprecedented 12 month warranty backed with inspections by his professional bed bug detection dog’s teams.
Kent is determined help educate and bring awareness to the public about the bed bug epidemic and now proudly resides on the Service Provider Board for the International Bed Bug Resource Authority ( as a consultant to members of the IBBRA as well as in his own business.
It’s no secret—Kent is not your average or typical exterminator, he’s here for the long run and here to help. He prides himself on providing invaluable, comprehensive solutions to pest management needs of today. In today’s economy, he believes that his customers need to feel like they are truly being protected for the money they are spending.
Kent continues to lead in the fight on bed bugs and took on the vision and mission of the IBBRA as his own mantra.