Staying in The Bed Bug Game Long Enough to Succeed

Staying in The Bed Bug Game Long Enough to Succeed takes a well-planned out strategy.

People attempt bed bug removals using anything they can get their hands on.

After months of spraying, copious amounts of DE dusting, taping, CO2 traps, monitors, essential oils and throwing things out, they finally give up.

They’ve tried it all.

Unfortunately, by this time, new breeding grounds have grown and they’ve spread throughout their homes.

Insane failure rates!

Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

But that’s what people do every day with bed bugs.

It’s common that people assume a simple spraying and dusting here and there will get rid of bed bugs, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Throw it All Away and Add it Up

What’s really sad, is tossing perfectly good furniture and items thinking they are getting rid of the problem with it.

I spoke to a young father yesterday who is working just to keep food on the table for his family; who out of sheer failure and frustration tossed all their beds and living room furniture.

He was almost in tears because he can’t financially replace any of those items and his family is now sleeping on the floor.

Because of limited funds, he had gone online and read about a bed bug spray and diatomaceous earth (DE).

For months, he reapplied the spray creating layers upon layers of toxins throughout his home and had piles of DE everywhere!

Each week he would find more bed bugs in different rooms until every room has signs of them.

It was then, out of sheer desperation he threw all their furniture out.

When the difficulty level of bed bugs becomes higher than expected, we tend to want to throw in the towel.

And guess what?

He is still dealing with bed bugs even after copious amounts of bed bug sprays and dusts.

What did he do wrong?

Do Your Homework and Make a Plan First

Suppose you were taking a road trip.

You wouldn’t just jump in the car and take off without knowing where you’re going or how to get there, would you?

Same thing goes for bed bugs.

You need a plan of attack.

Not just any plan, a plan that works.

Take a couple of hours to learn about the nature of this bug your ready to conquer.

Understanding your risks and where they hide will be the best thing you can do up front.

Set Yourself Some Clear Expectations

Whatever the reason you insist on doing this yourself, (money, principals, ego, whatever), you’d better figure out what you are willing to do and how long you are willing to do it for.

Because you might find yourself down a worm hole in a short time.

For those who can’t weather the storm, you’re better off leaving it to a professional upfront.

By reading articles online, you may not think this could be easy, but you certainly don’t know it can be extremely difficult if you don’t have facts.

You first need to evaluate the extent of bed bugs residing in your dwelling, how long they’ve been around and if you are subject to high risk situations.

Most Vulnerable Dwellings

Most at risk and vulnerable to bed bug infestations spreading are multi-unit properties and you may be reaping the bed bug freebies of someone else’s problems that shares a wall with you.

An occupant/renter should contact their landlord or property manager as soon as a bed bugs are suspected.

Bed bug infestations don’t just happen overnight.

Of course, unless you brought an infested item into your dwelling.

But normally, they take months to build.

Depending on the size of the infestation, when the amount of bed bugs exceeds available blood meals, they will travel to adjoining areas in search of blood.

This is especially true if a person that occupies an infested unit moves.

They begin to forage for a blood meal.

Early stage introductions of bed bugs are small and relatively simple to eliminate.

But as bed bug populations increase, the spread and control become more labor intensive, complex and more expensive.

Treatment in one unit with infested surrounding units will be fruitless in the long run as the bed bugs travel between the wall voids.

So, it is important that you speak to those in units around you and the landlord or property manager for complete organized elimination.

Landlord Problems

A popular problem today is landlords that either want to do it themselves or ask their renter not to talk to anyone else about it.

This is ridicules.

Hiding the fact that bed bugs are present (in life), is the number one BIGGEST mistake landlords do.

STOP HIDING and talk about them.

Educate your tenants, put policies and procedures in place, inspect on a regular basis.

Get them to come to you should they suspect a problem so you can handle it quickly.

This will help to avoid structure “infestations” in your building.

Reality Check – What Happens

Many times, landlords will treat only the one unit while hiding the fact that there are bed bugs in the building to other tenants.

The big problem here is that they just might be coming in from an adjacent unit and will be back in a short time.

Then, they BLAME the tenant which unit they just had treated if they should complain again.

And in essence they never really got rid of them to begin with, they just knocked them down in the unit and drove them into the walls.

Another problem is, they don’t want to pay for a complete inspection of surrounding units.

This next one is the biggie!

Attempting to hold tenants financially responsible.

Before long, the word will get out and tenants will not tell you they have them.

When doing so, a common reaction of the tenant is to run to their local store or online to find something so they can eliminate them.

Now they spread to surrounding units faster.

So, if you’re planning on doing any of these things, you might want to figure out how to stay in the game long enough to get rid of your problem.

Smart Solutions

The IBBRA has been helping property owners and managers for years combat bed bugs without stress and extreme spreading.

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They will show you a way you can combat your bed bug problems without draining your ROI and keep your buildings safe from infestations!

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