We all know that most everything in life has a purpose. If that is true, what purpose has the bed bug? They are not a food source; they don’t prey on other pests, you can’t make energy or fabric from them. In the ecological scheme of things, they are still part of the diversity of life on our planet.

Looking back over their history, you can see that they were nothing short of pure hell for those who had them. In homes, they created a reason to have hyper vigilant and thankless repetitive cleaning habits. In businesses, they made it impossible to feel safe, and in travel, they affected people’s belongings and lives much as they do today.

Unlike arachnids that feed on other pests to help keep populations down, the bed bug doesn’t prey on other insects as their food supply. Spiders are primary controllers of insects in our crops, which would be consumed by other pests without them. Spiders are food for other organisms, from other spiders to birds, reptiles, and small mammals like shrews. Spider venoms show promise in the field of medicine. Spider silk is among the strongest, most elastic of natural fibers. Synthesized spider silk has proven useful in creating the next generation of parachutes and bulletproof vests. (1)

So, how about blood sucking ticks? Ticks are an essential food source for animals that forage for nourishment in the places where ticks live (which is almost everywhere, really). (2)

Even nasty disease vectors like mosquitoes have sustainable benefits. In the aquatic stage, fish feed on mosquito larvae, once emerged as adults, birds and spiders and other insects feed on them. Dragonflies and damselflies love mosquitoes. Frogs eat adult mosquitoes and tadpoles eat the larvae. (3)

Occasionally, I’ll get a call from a bed bug victim that says, “What was God thinking when he made these horrible bloodsuckers?” After lengthy conversations surrounding the topic of the function or role bed bugs play in our lives, we’ve come up with the biggest benefit of having bed bugs.

It goes like this…

There are no words to describe people’s relationship with personal possessions. We live in a world of “stuff”. People have more “stuff” than they need and it piles up in closets, drawers, hallways, spare rooms, garages, storage units and many become hoarders. Some of this “stuff” has only value to the owner of it.

I recently spoke to a woman in a high-rise apartment that had boxes of purses, shoes and miscellaneous items hidden away under her bed since she moved in over 7 years ago. She’s not sure how long she’s had bed bugs. Eek!

When I suggested her going through her things she remarked, “Those are my “things”, I have nowhere else to put them, they cost me a lot of money”. I’ve spoken to others who have articles of clothing from twenty years ago, hidden away in boxes because they intended to fit back into them someday. I hear people tell me “how expensive” and how valuable their “stuff” is, and the attachment to these things is strong.

We just can’t let go of our “stuff”

Until… bed bugs!

No matter how resistant you are to letting go, either you do it now, or you will be forced to do it later. At least now, you have a chance of selling it without an infestation of bugs.

We have concluded that the sole purpose of bed bugs is…


Yes, that’s it, to clean up this world of “stuff” we live with.

You know, that “stuff” you’ve been meaning to go through for the last decade in the spare room, closet or garage. How about the paid for storage you haven’t visited in months, maybe years?

I tell people to pick up an item and ask this question, “Do I need, want or desire this?” Does the item serve you or take away from you? If you haven’t worn it, used it, loaned it or made money with it in the past couple of years – get rid of it!

I heard of a couple that had several homes and when their last child got married, they sold everything, put the money in a nice investment and now travel the world. Now I not telling you to throw away your life or do what these people did but I am saying that clearing out the extras in life makes life easier. You would be surprised how little we actually need in life to sustain a great life style. Besides, you will spend less time cleaning, paying for storage for things you never use and most of all be able to “see if you have a bed bugs problem and take care of it” much easier.

Don’t wait to get bed bugs before you clean up your act. It will be so much easier should you get bed bugs if you don’t have “stuff”.

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